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PH test time

A while back Zac made me the offer that I could use one of his ph strips to test what my level was but that I had to take it seriously as it is not something you can just run out to the store and buy here. By taking it seriously he said I needed to give myself a day or 2 of cleaner eating before my reading.

With yesterday being day 3 of our cleanse, I decided it was a good time to test so  I sent him a text and got a fast reply to come by in 1/2h. When I got there he took the book strips out of a plastic container. They have to be kept airtight so moisture will not get at them, a common effect o living in the tropics. Since you are supposed to do the urine test first thing in the morning and we missed the boat on that we both opted for saliva method where you put it on your tongue. I was surprised that I came slightly above neutral and was more alkaline than Zac did as he is one of the healthier eaters I know on Ambergris Caye and one of my main sources for heath info besides Google. I was very pleased that I was more alkaline than I thought. Since ph balance test strips are a handy guideline for helping moderate, I decided to order some of my own strips off eBay for $2.96 for 80 and $2 shipping to Belize from Kentucky.

We are on day 4 today and I am not feeling as supercharged as I had hoped and still feel like Pavlov’s dog every morning when I start work, jonesing for my iced coffee. Also, food commercials at night are definitely torture and make me crave junk food. During the cleanse I have been keeping a food diary to track how I am feeling what my body is experiencing and what I am eating. I am noticing some changes and do feel slightly more energized.

I am really glad that Dennis and I are cleansing together as it is making it easier to stick with it. I just found out through a bacon brownie post by Robo on Facebook that Yoga Peach is on day 5 of a 10 day cleanse. Her post today was particularly fitting. That voice inside your head that says “I can’t” is a LIAR! It was about setting smaller goals to get you over the hard parts, Dennis is doing just that for quitting smoking. In spite of Robo’s Facebook taunting, he is also inspiring as he recently wrote –  The Trumpets go Raw for a 3 day Cleanse! on his Memphis blog What is a Carbunkle Trumpet and I hope I don’t get any on my shoes!

We all need to remember we can do anything we set our minds to if we really want, no matter how rebellious our brains and bodies are acting.

Tine step away from my desk,  Dennis and I are going to get some exercise and walk to town. I am bringing some almonds with us so that we do not get tempted food wise on our travels. We recently scored 16 oz bags of Now brand almonds at Go Nature for $22 bzd which is a really good price for here. We also got 16 oz greens powder there for $22 bzd also a great price and found Bee pollen at Green House for $24 for a 250g container. I will say Health food shopping options are getting better and better in Belize compared to 7 years ago.

 ph test strips
ph reading chart from your natural hair



go nature belize
Super foods and other healthy items all purchased here
sweet and spicy doritos
tacoboy finally ate the chips that were haunting me 🙂
oster smoothie blender
Oster blender a wonderful gift from Dennis
super food drinks
Morning smoothie with added super foods


10 thoughts on “PH test time

  1. Emily says:

    Thank you, Dr. Al. Yes, rum is good with cranberry juice but also works fine with pretty much any other juice. I like fresh lime, a splash of pineapple or mango squash (concentrated fresh fruit juice made in Belize and reasonably priced) and water. No diabetes here. 🙂

  2. Dr Al says:

    Fine then. I would not normally reccomend Caribbean White but I should be more sensitive to the psychosocial exigencies of my clients. So here you go: http://denizenrum.com/blog/best-rum-mixes
    I don’t do rum but I guess it can be mixed with cranberry but I think that it may be expensive there so pineapple works and then u have a Pina Colada. Caveat: sweet stuff so not good plan if u have diabetes II. Good luck. Remember that evidence based medicine always trumps Dr Lori’s pagan voodoo 🙂

  3. Emily says:

    Thank you, Dr. Al, but you are missing my point. Vodka is expensive here too! Rum is the only liquor I can afford to drink. Early retiree budget. 🙂 By the way, I have lot of respect for Dr. Gabe Mirkin (from the link you posted above). Have met him and his wife twice in connection with bicycling events in the eastern US. They are amazingly strong riders on their tandem bike.

  4. Dr Al says:

    Thank you for asking Emily. As everyone knows cranberry juice prevents urinary tract infection. Part of this the ACID i.e. (Vitamin C etc) and part metabolites of the fruit that prevent bacteria from adhering to each other. Alcohol is a diuretic and keeps the flow going as is well known. So u mix it with vodka. But not that Belizean BBQ starter Lerskaya from OW but Grey Goose or Absolut. Two drinks/day should do fine.Dr Lori may suggest sprirogyra and southeast Asian bee honey extract but I wouldn’t,

  5. Dr Al says:

    Basura theorizing. Not exactly evidence based medicine:
    The biochemical mechanisms that sustain life require a neutral ph. The kidneys compensate for internal acid base imbalance by pouring out urine at various ph’s. So urine ph does not correlate with blood. Food intake will not alter that basic chemistry. And in the tropics esp if female you should keep your urine acidic unless you enjoy pylonephritis. Drink lime juice and Tequila (diuretic) and have lots of juicy steak and quit buying expensive products you don’t need.

  6. tacogirl says:

    I did not know. Wow new Years Day till now is a long time. It was hard doing ton yesterday so many cravings came up with the food smells in the air as we walked by different places.

  7. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    Hang in there! Did you also know that Reaper has been eating Raw since New Years day? He is loving it

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