Pelican Reef Belize

Pelican Reef Villas

Southbound to Belize Paradise

Coming at you from Pelican Reef Villas. So glad to be here and just be able to take a break for a while, even if it is at a resort just south of town. This past week has been overwhelming and fantastic new ideas regarding San Mateo keep coming up all the time. Going to go celebrate with a sandwich in a min and some time on the big brown leather couch facing the big screen TV. Tacoboy has already claimed his couch and has the remote in hand.

Anyone who is tuning in from San Pedro we are doing Mr.Joe’s Sunday night at 1:00 PM, so come on out and join the fun. Burgers were great I had traditional and Paul went for friend chicken – fries were nice and crispy, yum. Went there for dinner tonight and hung out and talked with Matt and Bonnie it was nice. So convenient that Mr.Joe’s close to Pelican Reef for a store/restaurant option.

Pool side bar at Pelican is great too we enjoyed a drink there and Paul went for a swim. Their pool is really nice right on the ocean and they have a swim up bar.

I love our view, (which literally steps to the Caribbean Sea) that I can stand at the bar for internet and the Jacuzzi tub. For internet I am hooked up with a cable to the modem. Works well and is pretty fast. Bringing your own cable if you plan to use a lap top in Belize is a good idea – sometimes they come in handy. Pelican Reef also offers wireless by the pool – have not tried that yet.

Still have ants in my pants and needed to share the latest excitement I was laying on the couch enjoying my sandwich and looking into the bedroom (football was on ha ha) and realized the picture behind the bed is the old barge going across with San Mateo behind it all green and clean with one blue house talk about synchronicity. That put things into a whole new perspective for me past present and future. It was once Green and healthy – now it needs all the help it can get to return back to green and clean for good.

San Mateo Belize

I am spilling over to Sunday morning in finishing this post – totally relaxed and enjoying (and you can too – just click on link) Pelican Reef. Lots to look at here I have been snapping off some pics of the artwork and decorations. Breakfast just arrived going to eat while pics finish uploading. Will title them later

Last of Pelican pictures from our stay.

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  1. Heather Zwicker says:

    Tears of joy and sorrow streamed down my face as I looked at the picture of San Mateo. I am confident that we can bring San Mateo back to a much more beautiful place that loves and respects the hand that feeds them.

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