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The National Aids Commission Gaming Fair 2014

The National AIDS Commission has been serving the Belizean public with resource, research, and a coordinating approach to the HIV/AIDS situation since 2002. At the heart of this effort has been the resounding issue of the public identity or public image of the commission. While the commission has it’s governing regulations and systems of structure to effectively do it’s work; the general public doesn’t truly know what the Commission is and what it does.

This misunderstanding or misinformation by the general public is largely fueled by a lack of correct information from the NAC itself; and is mostly viewed by the targeted populations (youth, MSM, FWS, LGBT, etc.) as a complete disconnect between resource managers and those who need these resources. Belize’s very large youth population (approx. 62% of the population) is a very diverse and dynamic group, encompassing and range of cultures, languages, dialects, socio-economic backgrounds and sexualities; but technology unites them and connects them to the world. While there are varying devices and techs available to the Belizean youth, the cellular phone is the one device that most young people have access to on a daily basis.

Using this backdrop and seeking practical applications to transform reality and principles into action, the IEC Sub-committee seeks multisectoral participation from key partners to support the development of the first ever NAC App (to be downloaded by any device). This app will be designed as a fun, interactive, dynamic gaming experience, while imparting vital information to the user. It will also be linked to the internet and will have updates from the NAC and any other partner agency within real time. The user then becomes his/her own resource with correct, accurate and timely information at his/her finger tips. While we are sure that the Belizean public is getting information, we are not always sure it is the right information. This app will allow anyone and everyone to have access to information about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, as well as where the services providers are and updated statistics on these issues.

1. To give the NAC and the HIV/AIDS movement the visibility and strength they need to move the conversation from those in the social sector to the average Belizean’s dinner table.
2. To create a positive and user friendly public image for the NAC.
3. To showcase the creativity and innovation of the designers and gamers.
4. To create a one-of-a-kind app that will evolve with the needs of the public.

The members of the NAC IEC committee will host a one-day Gaming Fair, where all the designers and games will be showcased. The general public will be invited to attend the all-day event, which will have gaming booths, health booths, food stalls, entertainment, HIV/AIDS testing, & information sharing. This fair will be the main event after all submissions for the app have been received by the committee. All apps will be showcased at the fair for one last judging by the public, and the winners of the NAC app competition will be announced at the end of the voting process. The NAC IEC Committee will select a professional app designer to create and develop the final app.

The following is criteria for eligible entries:
– Entries must include accurate sexual health information (facts, myths, stereotypes, where to access information, NAC information, etc.)
– Entries must be fun and easy to play.
– Entries can be digital or hard copy formats.
– Persons can submit multiple entries.
– Entries must include written copies of : rules, strategy and goal.
– Entries must be creative and dynamic.

There will be 4 judges, who will award points based on: creativity, SRH information, ease of play, design and concept. Each judge can award a maximum of 5 points per category, resulting in a total of 100 points per entry.

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The National Aids Commission Gaming Fair 2014.

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