San Pedro Belize beach pictures

My afternoon

Went for a nice walk to the School with Carole’s aunt Denise this afternoon. She is going to volunteer to help get arts crafts workshops up and running – we thought we could some how tie it into drama and get them making things to use in plays. For anyone who has time to visit the school I highly recommend it – those kids are really cool.

walked 2.1 miles today and got 40 min of aerobic activity in.

Anyone arriving before Valentines that has room to bring candy it would be greatly appreciated. I am also looking for people interested to speak at career day Monday Feb 25th. DCG is the first volunteer and any arts and crafts / dramatic arts supplies could be anything from crayons and glitter glue to costumes.

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Road work


Headed to sea

Kite surfer

Jumping to Gym class

Transportation – we need a bike clinic so kids can learn to fix them




Late lunch


Marble and coin

Tire trouble

Heading to the beach – kids gym class – us to town

How lucky we are

Walter driving down middle street listening to kung fu fighting on my mp3

3 thoughts on “My afternoon

  1. tacogirl says:

    Next time tq

    beachgal candies are good for chocolate if it is small packs of individually wrapped ones they may work out or m&m’s. Just email (listed in profile) and we can make plans to hook up. You are welcome to come to the party at the school if you like (that goes for anyone who is here at that time).

  2. Beachgal says:

    I can bring some valentine candy – I get there on the 10th. This will be my first visit – will chocolate survive the flight, or should I stick with other candies? and how best to get it to you?

  3. travelqueen says:

    Darn… I wish I could be there for career day!!! 🙁

    I’ll try to see if I can send some candy your way before the 14th…

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