Be Kind Belize at Holy Cross School

Match Making in San Pedro

Yesterday evening ‘da girls’ invited Paul and I over for breakfast. They said that there were guests from Florida we should meet who wanted a tour of the school and had donations to drop off.

When we got there and met Ann Marie and Chuck, we both recognized them from trivia last night. We all chatted and enjoyed RLD’s cooking – fresh fruit, granachas and elephant ears. Shuffles made me a special iced coffee it was yum. After ‘da girls’ made plans with Paul to go to the SPBA meeting and called us a cab So I could take Ann-Marie and Chuck to the school to drop off 2 suitcases full of much-appreciated supplies.

They are a great match to the school in many ways. Ann Marie teaches at Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School school where they have lots of mangroves and do marine biology studies. This ties in perfectly with the schools plans to get research facilities up and running in this area so kids can be educated on the importance of mangroves, sea grass and ocean life.

After their tour of the school, they stayed on to lend a helping hand for the day and I wandered back to town along the beach.

To find out more on what is happening during summer break and see more pictures please visit the school blog.

I just answered an email from someone who wrote me as a result of the article in Islands magazine and my reply led me to sending him Life’s a Beach and Island Life blog – todays entry is well worth a read if you are looking to gain a bit more insight into moving to the tropics.

See Cindy’s progress report on the fit girls (and a boy) weight loss challenge – they had a 4th person join in as well. Sharon is having a baby shower bbq this weekend for Jules and Tyler of Sweet Basil it will be interesting to see how much cheeky sabotage goes on.

Tropic Air San Pedro BelizeTropic Air renovations

Site of new Tropic Air building San pedro BelizeLots of activity

Ann Marie and Chuck

New Library going up

Computer Lab well under way

Putting re-bar in the ceiling

New Hurricane shutters

getting uniforms ready for next year

Fishing at the cut

Palapa down

Storm clouds

Thundered off and on all morning but not much rain in town

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