kaana boutique resort

Ka’ana Boutique Resort

I had the opportunity to sit down with Joanna and Ian today to learn a bit more about Ka’ana resort. While there are many Belize resorts, a stay at Ka’ana provides you with a true Belizean experience. I really like their philosophy about giving their guests an authentic Belize experience by looking to the past to create their future and putting an exciting twist on old favorites. A good example of that would be the sweet corn colada that Paul enjoyed last night. Ian told me how the idea was born from eating hand churned sweet corn ice cream as kids.

Many who come to Belize bring donations. As one of the well known resorts in Belize, Ka’ana actively promotes tourism and sustainability within the community. They offer guests a chance to visit local schools and places like Mary Open Doors shelter and give back to the community.

Ka’ana also offers a variety of very unique Belize tours that I have not seen anywhere else. Two that caught my attention are a helicopter ride over Cockscomb basin and Caracol with a talk by Dr. Jamie Awe director of Archeology (we had the opportunity to hear him speak in San Pedro at the library fundraiser and he was fantastic.) The other tour that I liked was a pottery making option where you can go to a local place and have a chance to make your own ceramic work. Not only does this allow for you to have a unique handmade souvenir from your Belize vacation it also supports the arts.

Dinner was fantastic I decided to go for the beef tenderloin after trying a taster of Paul’s last night. It is common to hear people say that Belizean beef is not good and in some cases I would agree with that but not this one. Ka’ana uses free range beef from Spanish Lookout – very tender and juicy. Ian told me one of the secrets to Belizean Beef is not to overcook it. Paul had the shrimp fettuccine and for appetizers we went for arugula and mozzarella again, sauteed Mennonite pork sausage with chipotle and guava tomato chutney. Served over mayan dukunu – a roasted corn and coconut milk tamale. To see more of what Ka’ana chefs are serving check out La Ceiba dinner menu.

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