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I Did It

Been getting things done and I finally got everything (besides my music) backed up on our external hard drive. It took me about 9 hours to do it (not including virus scan of files before moving them over). The best part about that is my clean up netted me 10 GB of space on my c drive. I figure now that things are relatively organized I’ll be back up every 4-6 months. How often do you all back up? Leave comment and share.

16 thoughts on “I Did It

  1. Mikeywaz says:

    6 months!? Don’t wait that long again. You’ve been very lucky so far – take it from someone who wasn’t and lost almost everything. Twice! I use an external hard drive, but I’ve heard good things about Mozy – It’s an online backup service. Whatever way you do it, do it as often as you can!
    P.S. Love the new look of the blog!

  2. datallmon says:

    I use a program called second copy. You can select folders and even files within for back-up on a recurring frequency.

  3. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Roger and Datallmon – wondering on such programs can you set to back up certain files and not others?

  4. datallmon says:

    I back up each week without fail (experience is a hard teacher) I use 2 external drives, one that I carry with me on trips.

  5. tacogirl says:

    Thanks My way – glad it is not high season traffic yet.

    Nick you can email me via the one in my profile – I do not get peoples emails when they leave comments.

  6. Nick Pickert says:

    My family is considering moving to San Pedro and buying a business, and after reading all that you seem to do and know, I was wondering if you would be willing to email me as I have some questions that I believe you could help with.

  7. tacogirl says:

    Good to know Simon. I have never done an auto back up only manual. I still keep external hard drive in the original box so it will last longer.

  8. SimonB says:

    It shouldn’t be a chore, mine is scheduled to run automatically every day at 10pm and only takes about 10 or 15 minutes. The first backup takes about an hour or so.

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