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Hurricane Ida

The weather in Belize is about to change. Tropical storm Ida has now turned to Hurricane Ida. It does not look like we will get much more than a lot of rain and wind. We are keeping a close watch as we know how fast Belize weather can change.

Heading to town today to get cable turned on and supplies. Cable company said bring picture ID and $175 BZD for hook up that includes $40 for first month. Since we do not have a dryer, laundry is another thing on the list before the rain hits.

First thing I did after getting home and putting groceries away was to check wunderground. Hurricane Ida made landfall since I wrote the above info and is now back to a tropical storm. It looks like we will get more rainfall as of Saturday afternoon if not before.

Cable company was true to their word and hooked us up fast.

Belize Weather moving in
Dark storm Clouds Moving In


Hurricane Ida changing Weather in Belize
Dark Skies Ahead of Hurricane Ida
San Pedro Belize Weather
Rain is Coming Fast
Weather Belize - Here's comes Hurricane Ida
More Storm Clouds before Ida
Dark Clouds in town
Storm Clouds Brewing Over Town
Big Blue Rain Clouds
Alex and his friends riding on the beach

6 thoughts on “Hurricane Ida

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Ray. We have a good group of friends here so everyone kind of makes sure everyone is in good shape and settled in somewhere safe before a storm hits. At this point looks like house leaks is the worst any of us will have to deal with. We have been missing WSEE for some reason we do not get it anymore here in Belize.

  2. tacogirl says:

    CT we will definitely be careful. Cindy was a good role model for us because she went through Wilma also talked to Tim about the hurricane he went through here and he told me some stories. We are all just glad that it has calmed down and all we get is wet. Alex is one sharp kid and so nice. Where you cruising to? I bet you will have a fab time.

  3. carbunkle trumpet says:

    First of all – please be carefull with hurricanes and I am not talking about the storm, people go crazy afterwards. I love you guys and have heard too many NOLA Katrina stories. If Jim Cantore shows up in San Pedro just know that Bar 595 is open and bring the bell!
    Secondly – what is Alex now 20? the little a$$hole is looking great and I can almost hear him asking “So CBT, when you going to join my sales team?”

    And lastly, you and Tacoboy want to room with us on a Norwegian Pearl cruise? We can spilt room 11122 in half if you want to!

  4. Ray Petelin says:

    Cool pictures! It looks like the worst of Ida will stay outside of Belize, but you will see some of the residual effects. It is good that you are preparing, just in case there is a shift in the track.. Stay safe!


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