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Hannah’s Cake Party

This afternoon was Hannah’s birthday, first cake party of the new year. It was fun watching the girls take turns singing on wii. The pinata was a hit as well as money cake. Hannah got some really nice presents from her friends.

As you can see from the pictures some of the girls were a bit more bundled up than usual today because the weather has taken a turn on the cool side. I left Paul at home in his polar fleece and bundled up in my hoodie. Carole and Denise pulled out their jeans and jackets and even Bonnie was wearing long sleeves.

Hannah and her friends

Learning wii High School Musical

Snack time

Hannah singing

Emma takes a turn


Playing High School Musical game

Christine has a turn

Music freeze game

Money Cake

Pinata time

Alyssa takes a swing

Christine ready to bust it open

Candy and money inside

Walking around the pool

Hanna fell in

Eating money cake

Opening presents

Waves were big at the reef today

3 thoughts on “Hannah’s Cake Party

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just had to look at the pictures again today to remember your birthday party. You did have a great day!

  2. kathryn says:

    Hannah your party looked like so much fun. We love high school musical too! In fact we oftn break into song when having a regular conversation or playing basketball 🙂
    xo for your Mommy, Daddy and little sister from all of here in freezing St. John’s

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