Halloween Bar Crawl 2017

Halloween Bar Crawl and my “Holy Crap” Scary Moment

Crazy Canucks, Sandy Toes and Legends Roadhouse all made nice additions to the party circuit this year. Although that made it more challenging for endurance and extra costume planning. Thankfully I have a small manageable collection. This year I went ultra simple and added a ghost dress and a kitty cat.

Crazy Canucks Beach Bar

Canucks was smart. They decided to get people while fresh and claimed Friday night for the first party of the season this year. I donned my smiling ghost dress and started walking to the popular beach bar to meet a few friends.

Even though a lot of people did not dress up, there were a decent number of really good costumes. It was fun watching my friend Cindy’s daughter Tinker play “swords” on the beach with her friend. Voodoo Doll Krista (co-owner of the bar) was passing out shots and glow bracelets and her husband Rob was part of the pirate gang. Friends Ronnie and Lisa won a prize for their super creative and gory Sharknado costume.  

Halloween Bar Crawl 2017

Sandy Toes Beach Bar 

My laundry drying rack had transformed into a costume display stand and Disco Kitty was next in the rotation for the retro Halloween costume party at Sandy Toes Beach Bar.

Divine timing was in order that night. I was running a bit late and had stopped at La Fonda for a couple of tacos for the walk. No sooner than I finished my first taco did my friend Cindy (who I was going to meet) pulled up and offered me a ride.

When we arrived I briefly saw Eric and his wife (they helped me mule a few Amazon items). DJ Patron played some great music we and ran into more friends, the sea anemones and lionfish. Tinker was fascinated with the long thin balloons in the anemone costumes but a bit distraught when none of us could blow one up for her. I solved that problem by changing the focus back to fun with my disco light as we headed off in search of somewhere with more kids.


Halloween Bar Crawl 2017

Holiday Hotel

As we drove around town, we saw a few little ones dressed up. Cindy and I agreed the Holiday Hotel was going to be the area to find what we wanted. Sure enough, there were families already starting to line the streets to watch this year’s party goers walking the bright green carpet entrance.

Cindy asked the security guard if we could go show Tinker what was soon going to be a costumed experience that goes well beyond what most people would expect on a tropical Island. We did a walk through and enjoyed all the scary decorations, cracked a few party jokes from previous years experience and headed off for pupusas on Middle St. I had spinach cheese and pumpkin (Squash). They were delicious while on my couch watching Big Bang Theory. The beauty of living in town is you get to take rest breaks between parties. Although that can be a dangerous thing. 

I made it to the party at the perfect time, it was in full swing. I circled around a couple of times randomly saying hi to a few people I knew and sometimes spotting familiar faces off in the crowd and was home before the witching hour.

Halloween Bar Crawl 2017

Halloween Bar Crawl 2017


Palapa Bar SAGA Fundraiser

Since I had been doing the Halloween bar crawl 2017 with Cindy and her 4-year-old daughter Tinker, she felt comfortable seeing if I was up for some babysitting duty for Saga’s 14th Annual Spooktacular Halloween Party & Costume Contest.

I accepted the challenge and started making my way south to go pick up Tink. Thankfully my telepathic hitching skills were working that day and I caught two rides that got me close to their house. Unfortunately, my puddle radar was off and I should have got off of my old neighbor Kendrick’s cart one street sooner by Ambergris Lake Villas road. Instead, I found myself in a “Holy Crap” scary moment when I saw what used to be a road was now in fact a river 😀 There was no other option at that moment than to just suck it up and power through (backing up to a different route would have taken way to long.)

Belize Rainy Season

When we reached the Palapa dock I got word it was time to hustle as there were only two cupcakes left on the table. Thankfully we made it inside just in time to snag them. The party was fun for kids of all ages. Lots of action, fun activities, raffles, costume contest and so much more. 

It was also a huge sucess and $5770.00 was raised on Sunday and proceeds will go to the Humane Society November Snipaton.

Saga would like to thank everyone who came out to support the event and all the sponsors who helped make it happen: Palapa Bar and Grill Chuck & Robbies Scuba Diving and Instructions, Amigos Del Mar dive shop, ACES Croc Adventure, Ambergris Divers, Bermuda palm, Blue Water Grill, Belize Caliente Restaurant, Captain Sharks , Chilas Cabin, Day Dreaming Bed & Breakfast, Scuba School Belize , Seaduced by Belize , Searious Adventure, Sol Spa, Spindrift Resort Hotel, Sun Breeze Hotel and Suites, Tracy Ginger Couture, Tuff E Nuff, Victoria House, WIld Mangos, Go Fish, Thai Spa, Mata Rocks, San Pedro Town Council, Seaside Real Estate, El Divino, Costa Blue, Sea Side Real Estate, Sunrise Realty, Nellie Gomez, Belize Caye Investment, Bella Mia, Annie’s Pastries, Casa Pan Dulce, Hidden Treasure, Pampered Paws, A & R, Coleman Barber Shop, D & E’s Frozen Custard, Fido’s, Pink boutique, SandBar, Sandy Toes, Pepperonis, Planet Pizza, Ellos Men Clothing store, Lola’s Pub, Leslie Saloon, Coleen Creeden, Premium Wines, Belize Food Tours, Stella’s Smile, Black Orchid, Travelle’s Liquors, Caramba Restaurant, Ultimate Golf Cart Rental, Castillos Hardware, Wahoo Lounge, 12 Belize, Hungry Grouper, Island Buzz Cafe, Road Kill Bar, Belizean Breezes, Graniel’s Dreamland, Estell’s Dine by the Sea, Polo’s Golf Cart Rental, The Coffee Bar, Foreva Fancy, Belize Chocolate Company, Mambo Chill, Nook, Ashley’s Boutique, and Wine de Vine.  Also a huge thank you to all of the stores who donated food items towards their food sale; Tans Mart, Alpha Omega, Michele’s Fruit Shop, Rock’s, Paradise Market, Green House, Ritchie’s Store, Annies, Caye Mart, Mermaid Supermarket, Town Council, Marinas, La Divina Providencia, Angelica’s Store, Cindy’s store, and Maria’s Fruit shop.

Halloween Bar Crawl 2017



Halloween Bar Crawl 2017

Wayo’s Haunted House 

The fourth annual all haunted house was another resounding hit. We caught the second night but I was anticipating this year’s haunted house well before the event. For an island beach bar, they always do a fabulous job at making people jump.

As it turns out the haunted house had a line so long that we could not get through the door.

This was also a fundraiser event with proceeds of $2,407. going to Raise Me Up. A local organization dedicated to the betterment of Belize families in need. Funds will get used for San Pedro Food Bank, San Pedro Kids Club, Hope Haven Children’s Shelter, Adopt-A-Bear, and the Literacy Program at Holy Cross.

Raise Me Up would like to thank their sponsors: Wayo’s Beach Bar, Aqua Vista Beachfront Suites, Sandbar San Pedro, Caye To The Heart, Dooley Bear Adventures, Rotary Club of Ambergris Caye and Danny Boyd. Organizers: Dee Regis, Brittney ODaniel, Eduardo Vasquez, ChiChi Rodriguez, Heather Smith, Jodie Harnish, Lisa & Ronnie Cyrier, Marisa Murphy Guerrero, Melanie Paz.

Belize beach bar

Halloween Pop Up Party

Legends Roadhouse decided to take the last but not least place for Halloween parties. They promised candy, games, prizes, dancing, friends, and fun. They delivered well on their promise and my friends and I had a good time and made it home at a reasonable hour. I actually managed to resist the temptation of candy 😀 

Tuesday night Jam is a regular weekly thing and guest musicians are always welcome.

Halloween Bar Crawl 2017

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