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Grumpy Cinderella

My nickname today could be  grumpy Cinderella. The internet kept kicking me off for extended periods and left me wondering what we are paying for, especially when our download speed is half what It should be.

Since I could not do the work I needed to get done on my laptop, I swept and mopped the castle instead. Unfortunately prince charming did not come and rescue me from my mop so I did it myself with a nice walk down my favorite road and my portable music player.

By the time I got to El Divino I was still feeling grumpy but that did not last long, smiling Ingrid an Arnold Palmer and tri chocolate obsession snapped me out of it pretty fast. The good thing about going there is I can still work from my phone answering emails and blogging, which was a huge help today as I have a prep meeting at 5pm and then a meeting at Nemo for 6pm. We are all trying to keep the ball rolling for the Red Cross island mapping. It is such a big task to undertake, huge thanks to everyone who has volunteered to help and spread the word. We are still on the hunt for better plot maps and making a list of what data needs to be collected. If you want to help map the island please make contact, we need all the hands we can get.

restaurant san pedro belize
If you like chocolate you will love this dessert

2 thoughts on “Grumpy Cinderella

  1. tacogirl says:

    We went back with Cindy and Andy for dessert last night. Had to get tacoboy to try the chocolate obsession, Cindy and Andy’s version of dessert ended up being tequila shrimp and chicken wrapped bacon.

  2. Maureen says:

    Jealous, that’s all I can say. El Divino has some of THE BEST dessert. Their apple crumble is amazing too!! MMMMMM

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