It’s easy enough to tell people where to go on their vacation, it’s even better to show people the way to get there. My google maps lists will easily help you plan social activities and navigate the island for necessities. Especially when there are so many choices.

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Google Maps Guide to San Pedro and Ambergris Caye Belize

Popular Beach Bars: Wondering where to go for fun with a view? Look no further this list of Ambergris Caye Beach Bars will easily help you plan your vacation time.

Sports Bars: Looking to watch your team? There are many sports bars on Ambergris Caye.

Delicious Dining: There are many tasty restaurants on Ambergris Caye.

City Gourmet: From walkup windows to beachfront dining, there are lots of great centrally located food options. San Pedro Town Food is a great list for people who want to explore downtown San Pedro.

Off the beaten path Eating: LIke a Scenic drive with your meal? These off-the-beaten-path restaurants and delis will satisfy your wanderlust and your stomach.

Celebration Dinners: for those times you want to enjoy a special occasion on your vacation.

Coffee, Breakfasts, and Deserts: Looking for a good frape or some other specialty coffee, breakfast, or a sweet treat? This list has lots of tasty islandwide options.

Bars with Pools: There’s nothing like enjoying a vacation cocktail at a swim-up pool bar.

Secret Beach: This popular holiday hang-out has grown over the year and has lots of restaurant choices and fun.

Island Grocery Shopping: This useful grocery shopping list will help you get your snacks and more covered.

Souveniers and more: San Pedro Shopping covers various shops and art galleries in San Pedro,

Spa and Beauty: Whether you want to kick back and relax or get spruced up with a fresh haircut, this Spa and Beauty list will help you choose the place.

Fitness Fun: There are a few gyms, crossfit, and sports options on Ambergris.

Miss Earth: Have some fun and do the list that Miss Earth Belize did on her two-day stay in San Pedro.

Vape and Cigar Stores: For those who like a relaxing smoke.

Pharmacies, Doctors, Hyperbaric Chamber, and Dentists: This list will help should you need some medical care on Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Hardware and Marine: Future expats can daydream at this list of Hardware, Golf Cart, Fishing, and Marine Stores.

Belize City Bonus

Many expats often plan Belize City Shopping trips, if you are daydreaming of being a future ex-pat, scan this list to see what you are up for.

City Foodie: In case you find yourself spending time ‘across the pond,’ there are many Belize City Restaurants to choose from.

Ever wonder hat’s happening on Ambergris Caye?

The tacogirl List

The tacogirl Belize list gives you great Hotel, restaurants and bars information to help you choose things to do on any given night Easily find out what’s going on where and set your dial for fun – tacogirl list.

The compatible Ambergris Caye google maps list gives you easy directions to any of the businesses from any location and a highlight of why you want to go there..

No matter which event or special got you there, please remember to tell your servers you came from the tacogirl list. It helps all to know how well the list is working.

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