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Go time

We are putting a big push on today and have John Henry for help on a couple of loads. TQ came by earlier to check out our new digs and give her stamp of approval.

So hot and the mosquitoes are hungry tonight.

We all got a lot accomplished today. Cindy and John Henry are pretty much all done moving – Paul and I still have a bit to go but are very pleased with our progress.

Off to catamaran Cindy John Henry and Mitch all waiting for us – it sunday night hot tub time oh yeah.

After hot tub we all headed for Sunny’s for cheap Chinese take out – time for bed tomorrow is coming fast.

downtown san pedro

2 thoughts on “Go time

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi Dom I am glad you enjoy my blog. Hope you stop by and say hi at the meet and greet at Pedro’s for Blog Fiesta or Deluscious booth for the big block party.

  2. Dom Hardiman says:

    Hiya Tacogirl,
    I’ve been reading the blog a little over a year now.
    My wife and I are back in San Pedro in a cple wks for Lobster fest, we have a tmeshare at Captain Morgan’s.
    I enjoy your blog to keep up on things, I’ve tried joining the message board but can’t get approved.
    Keep up the blogging, maybe we’ll get to have a belikin together in a cple wks.
    Cheers … Dom

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