San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Flight is booked

Internet has been down since last night so I have been organizing cleaning and packing this morning. I really do not have much to take and would probably go with just a carry on but I am hoping to be able to squeeze a small shop in so I figured I better have the extra space.

It’s time for a stuff swap and been arranging with Pedro to have one next week so stay tuned for more details on that. I have a big bag full of cloths and will get working on the e-vite soon as we get net.

We took a walk to Forrest’s last night and got his key. I showed him the maps I had printed off and he game me a few tips on where to go for coffee and sushi and stuff. He also mentioned that he has wifi – very handy as I did not plan to bring my computer and Paul was wanted to know how I would tell him the good news after the party.

Went to travel agent in town – we got there wile they were still on lunch so we ended up at Perk for a bit till the office opened up again.

LeahAnn just rang and it looks like she will be able to come to Sf and meet up this weekend – she said she will ask LM as well.

Going to catch a break before we see Cindy Cherie and Jack.

Dinner was fantastic. Cherie made beef bourguignon and mashed potatoes with salad and french bread for a starter with chocolate for dessert. Have not had that in ages one of the things my mom used to cook for us. Got to meet John Henry who is in town for 3 months getting his dive masters course done. After stuffing our faces we sat around and told funny stories and bad jokes then Jack gave me a foot massage – a perfect way to chill out before getting on a plane tomorrow.

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