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I recently purchased an item because it was clear to me that there needed some sort of battery recycling in Belize. After putting out a call for dead batteries I found that people had been stockpiling them but never knew what to do with their growing pile. Or the other side of the coin, those that would toss them in the garbage and cringe wishing there was a better option than putting hazardous materials into the ground.

I asked the three main hardware stores on the island if they would be willing to each put a 5-quart household battery recycling container on their counter and they all said yes. The first store I asked, Harmouche, was even willing to help me get them here. Castillos and SP Hardware will also be dead household battery drop off centers.

They were well worth the price, Price for 5-quart recycling containers – $79.00 + $16.08 shipping. Although now that I see how many people were waiting for something like this on Ambergris, I am thinking I could have upsized from the get-go and bought the 10-quart size. At least this is a good start. It has still been a challenge to find out the right place to send our batteries. I have about 5 lbs worth now – any input on that is welcome.

5-quart battery recycling container

• Compact design ideal for office or counter-top placement.
• Decals help to encourage users.
• Removable screw top for easy access with strong, comfortable, top and bottom handles make for easy carrying and removal.
• Clear, thick, long lasting polycarbonate body.
• Funnel opening keeps hazardous materials contained with less potential for spillage should it accidentally get knocked over.
• Cushioned inside rubber base protects the contents and reduces dropping noise.

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10-quart battery recycling container

• This mid-size model works for many places without taking up too much space.
• Well, designed top and bottom handles for transport and screw top for easy contents removal.
• The with sturdy polycarbonate body is transparent for battery display.
• The funnel-shaped opening keeps batteries contained should it accidentally be knocked over.
• Cushioned rubber internal base helps contain hazards and reduces noise by softening the battery landing.

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15-quart battery recycling container

  • Larger size 15Q Battery household battery recycling bin provides a safe hazard disposal solution that is suitable for busy environments where battery waste accumulates quickly.
  • Transparent, thick polycarbonate body displays hazardous contents without weakening the structure.
  • Funnel top lid with a narrow opening which allows small battery deposits while minimizing the risk of other unwanted waste being deposited by accident.
  • Cushioned rubber internal base reduces noise by softening the landing and helps contain hazardous materials.

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