San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Dick’s New Boat

Dick popped me on the coconut phone a couple of hours ago to ask if we would do a favor for him. We were glad to help pick up his new boat. Paul drove the golf cart back while Dick Carole and I took the boat around to the dock near their place. We stopped for gas along the way and hit some rain.

The Plan was to stop at their place for a minute and then head out for a boat ride. Unfortunately the gray skies and rain changed our minds. We hit a clear spot and Paul said ” Lets make a break for it.” Dick and Carole offered to drive us home, but Dick needed to check the knots and get the gas tank first. While that was happening it started pouring rain. By the time they dropped us off we were all soaked and laughing about it.

Time to stop blogging and start eating, we have our left over Pizza from Pedro’s last night which is totally handy as I am not up for grocery shopping in the rain today.

Picking up Dick’s new boat

Soon to be Miss Carole


Putting in gas can

On our way

Dick driving his new boat

Lagoon side of town

Gassing up

Going back to check ropes on Boat

Saw Lara and Andrea – She leaves tomorrow



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