rainy seasin belize

Crazy wet weather

The one inch of rain that we got yesterday during Lobstermania pool party felt like 7, we could have had a great wet tee shirt contest 🙂 The band got rained out and anyone who was not taking shelter under the tents or in the pool bar got drenched as well.

At one point someone offered me a towel and I had to laugh there was no way I was staying dry until the rain stopped. Between floaty toy wrangling and trying to keep the taco cam streaming a good pool party view, I got soaked big time. It was pretty funny, every time I asked someone sitting in the bar if the webcam view looked ok they gave a few directions to reposition it and would say ‘it looks great.’ Then wen I got back to check it myself on the laptop, it looked all tilted like a drunken monkey had set it up 🙂

grand caribe belize
Tents from Yesterdays wedding came in handy
San Pedro Lobster Festival 2013
Lobstermania pool party 2013
grand caribe resort
Lobstermania pool party at Grand Caribe
belize bars
Cowboys pool bar and grill
san pedro belize bars
Sitting outside the pool bar
rainy seasin belize
Huge rain cloud
cowboy's pool bar and grill
Hanging out at the pool bar
pool bar and grill at grand caribe resort belize
Cowboys pool bar was packed
San Pedro Lobster Festival 2013
Floaty toys were blowing all over the grounds
Lobstermania pool party at Grand Caribe
Peace and lobsters in spite of the weather
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The San Pedro Lobster Festival 2013 kick off party at El Divino was beyond packed. I started out having drinks with Jana, CJ, Renita, Quicksilver Dianne, Gaylynn and Michael, it was nice to catch up with everyone and swap stories. Not long after they all left my 2 dates texted and said they were on their way so I ordered us a table with Andrew, it was still busy and table came with 25 min wait.

Paul turned up first and we got seated then Shannon turned up and we all ordered. Shortly after Walter came in and sat at the bar, I decided to invite him to join us and make him date # 3 🙂

el divino restaurant at banana beach resort
Opening night of San Pedro Lobster Festival at El Divino Restaurant
opening night of san pedro lobster festval 2013 at el divino restaurant
Packed house
belize bars
Bar was crazy busy
belize lobster
Tropical Lobster
San Pedro Lobster Festival
My 3 dates

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