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Christmas in the Tropics

It is a balmy tropical day with blue skies and a temperature of 81.4 f / 27c perfect Christmas weather. I was playing around taking pictures of our Old Navy Christmas stockings from Shannon and Jana and thinking about past tropical Christmas experiences and took a trip on the way back machine. As kid my two favorite Christmas in the tropics memories were, the time my parents took us to Hawaii and a family vacation sailing in the British Virgin Islands. Hawaii was a business related trip for my mom, so she and my dad decided to bring us along and both our grandmas and make it a beach holiday. On our British Virgin Islands holiday, I remember we used a piece of sea fan we found on the beach for a tropical Christmas tree. On both occasions it felt quite natural to me – the idea trading in snow and cold for sun and sand.

I know those trips (and a few others) shaped my desire to end up living in the tropics. We do miss seeing friends and family, our moms cooking and enjoying pot lucks at my cousins, we do not miss bundling up for winter and waiting for our old jeep to heat up.

We continue to follow our Canadian Christmas tradition in San Pedro and not cook our own turkey 🙂 Today marks our 4th annual Sad Bastards Christmas party at Pedro’s, got our gift game presents ready and wrapped.

For those of you who have had enough of the cold, here’s hoping you can score a flight deal and give yourself a nice Christmas present – Belize.

Leaving you with a Video of Walters Christmas awesome Dance moves below party pics and details will come tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Christmas in the Tropics

  1. tacogirl says:

    Agreed that bugs we can do without Fernando. Never been to Rio but would like to oNE DAY.

    Miss you too tq – thought you and tp would like that pic.

  2. travelqueen says:

    Love the stockings!! 😛 I’m sure you’re having a blast! Missing you both! xoxo

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Fernando says:

    Unlike you what bothers me is the tropical summer. Bugs like hot weather, we, mamals don’t get along that well. Unless you have ice cream & fruit for Xmas dinner party, I don’t think it’s necessary to have one, nothing fits.
    The tropics are inhabitable from middle May until July after that, if one can, it’s time to move.
    I’m a tropical guy in Rio de Janeiro, a beautiful place as you can see from the pictures
    Nice talking to you

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