full moon san pedro belize

Cashing in karma points and full moon pictures

Sometimes  you cash in your karma points on something completely unrelated to how you got them and sometimes there is a direct connection between doing a person a favor and being able to do one back for them very soon after.

For us this time, it was the latter.

Paul got a phone call last night from Jason, they were stalled by Ritchie’s and needed a tow. It was a toss up, stay home and watch the end of project runway or be the go with girl. I figured even  though I was not really needed, he asked for company and  it could earn me a few karma points to go for the ride. Especially since I was away overnight with Mary the night before for dinner and a movie. More details coming on that by tomorrow morning.

As we were driving there Paul agreed that we were glad to be able to help them, Jason had karma points with us from last week for finding the secret menu and getting 3G phones and setting on 2G so they can work in 4G Belize City 🙂

We even got 2 minutes of Phil time 🙂 he was there to lone them a tow rope and tie the knots for us.

He left the rope between carts a little long but we managed to do the few turns without any close calls and were all  thankfull for the most part the mile or so drive was a straight line. We got back to their condo and pushed the golf cart into a good spot. Phil’s knots held up really well and were super easy to untie. I will get a reminder from him of what the nameis called and let you know.

Another benefit to being the go with girl was I got to play around and shoot some full moon pictures. I did not have a tripod or any steady surface to put my camera on so I am pleased I got any decent pictures, it is not always easy to hold the camera still enough. One of my pictures came out looking like a giant tic tac in the sky 🙂

full moon san pedro town
Full Moon
full moon san pedro belize
Full moon
full moon over belize
This one reminds me of an eyeball

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