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Mass Catwalk

Did the mass Cat Walk yesterday afternoon off Bowen & Bowen dock. It was nice to do something different – walking the red carpet fully clothed off the dock was a great way to shake things up a bit. The kids loved it and could not get enough of walking the red carpet in various ways.  It reminded me of the time Shuffles and RLD organized the Beach Brownie Derby and everyone was riding bikes off the dock. I wish more people would plan fun stuff like this. Thanks to Dixie and Belikin for providing the location and the Belikins /Lighthouse and Dee for taking some odd pics with my camera so I could Cat Walk.

Having some tech troubles this morning so a bit slow getting picture gallery up. More to come  very shortly going to go plow through the 30 emails waiting for me this morning.

Something must be going on with the planets this morning or maybe it is my energy that is off.  I just checked and found 46 out of 48 pictures loaded so now I have to go back and find the needles in the haystack to figure out which 2 need to get loaded. My earlier tech issues was my editing page for blog shrank to minuscule size. Ordinarily that is an easy fix and I just hit  ctrl + to get back to the right size well today I did that – ctrl 0-  try new browser window – rebooted and nothing worked. When Paul got him I asked for his help and what does he do…. sits in my chair and hits ctrl + and 2 seconds later problem fixed go figure.

6 thoughts on “Mass Catwalk

  1. tacogirl says:

    Crab walk that would have been a good one I can see you doing it in my mind too. I am so overdue with the whole links thing and reorganizing there RumShopRyan will try to get that closer to top of lost and add coconut connection soon.

  2. RumShopRyan says:

    I just did a crab walk down the cat walk and fell in to the water… my mind that is!

    Hey TacoGirl, would you like to trade links. I would love to have RumShopRyan – The Coconut Connection added to your other links section. I would then add you to my links.

    Let me know,

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