Belize Weather Forecast January February March

January in Belize

It is not lost on me that way back in 2006 on January 3rd I made my move to Belize and gave up winter to become a tropical expat. For the 14th year in a row, I am still happy to be living on a tropical island. I would much rather enjoy these January temperatures in San Pedro than shovel snow – 76°F/ 27.6°C  with the low end is  67.1°F/19.5°C.  Belize Weather Forecast January February March

February in Belize

There’s no better way to say I love you than under a palm tree 😀 but seriously what is not to love about our February temperatures with highs of  84.2°F or 29°C and our lows for people living with snow are 68°F or 20°C. Why not scope out my Belize Vrbo page, and start planning your romantic travel for next year.  lagoon side downtown San Pedro by tacogirl Belize blog  

How cold does it get in in Belize?

If you are still wondering, this year was not bad, I wore long pants for 7 days or less consecutively, I only needed extra blankets once and never needed to with a hat on. When it is really cold because most houses have no heating option, sometimes you have to be creative and layer to keep warm.  When I googled to see has it recorded –  Punta Gorda wins a cold-weather award for the coldest temperature in Belize History and Belmopan wins the warn weather award for the hottest temperature on record.

March in Belize

Breezy days and temperatures ranging from a low of  70°F or 21°C to a high of 80°F or 27°C. This is another good time to plan a split vacation as La Ruta Maya River Challenge, takes place in March.  It is considered the biggest sporting event in Belize and well worth attending if you like that kind of thing. My friend Cindy did it twice and I was happy to be a cheerleader over paddling like mad for days on end. Click you want to catch a glimpse of what a spectator seat at La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge is like.  Belize River Challenge Canoe race  


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tacogirl Belize Blog Reader Questions

I often get asked interesting things like the following question that came Paul Oakes Q. How are things going? Are the Bot flies a problem? A. Things are going great. Thankfully I have never encountered a bot fly in Belize. Two people of got bot fly bites but that was from mainland Belize travel and not on Ambergris Caye travel. Both incidents occurred 8 years ago. 

Sargasso is something many people continue to ask about.

Q Good Morning Taco Girl, I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now. My wife and I are currently planning a trip to Belize in the latter half of October (I know…not the best time of year, but we’re trying to make it work). Belize is on our potential retirement list although I’m still a ways away from retirement. Currently only 47. I’ve done a lot of research and there seems to be so much conflicting information out there. How serious is the sargassum issue in Belize? Are there condos on the west side of the island for sale that might not have quite the sargassum issue that the east side of the island might have? Although retirement is still a ways off, potential property investment may not be. Kind of why we are coming down for a visit. Looking forward to some feedback from someone who lives there. Thank you Larry Gilstrap. A. Afternoon Larry. Congrats on planning retirement in Belize. Right now not serious at all. Will it come back again for a long hard spell it did? That is anyone’s guess, I would say due to the world being overstressed in general and the weather is getting more outrageous worldwide, it is entirely possible at some point. By the time you are ready, I am sure there will be more condos on the west side. There are a few options now. When you are ready I can set you up with a reputable San Pedro real estate agent.  All the best Laurie I will leave you with an old sargasso road shot from 12 miles north, it was a heart pumper wondering if we would suddenly just sink in that stinky mess. belize adventure on a sargasso road  [/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”custom” style=”double” accent_color=”#323170″][/vc_column][/vc_row]