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Belize Tourism and Hospitality Management Leadership conference

placencia belize resorts
The pool at Roberts Grove Resort Placencia

Belize Leadership Conference

Management and Leadership for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.
Inspiring peak performance through exceptional leadership and management skills.
Dates: March 24th, 25th and 26th 2015.
Location: Roberts Grove Beach Resort, Placencia Peninsula
Cost: $300 BZD : $150 USD.

Getting Work Done Through Others Hosted By Roberts Grove Beach Resort Belize

This Management and Leadership Conference is a program for the tour and hospitality industry that will provide the enhancement of leadership excellence and services capacity sharing for Belize and Caribbean regions.

Drawing together the collective knowledge and expertise of the tourism sectors to provide managers/leaders with the skills to function in both high pressure situations by sharing resources and training.

Importantly, this conference is embraced as a powerful opportunity for the connection of colleagues across a number of aligned businesses.

Robert’s Grove is a beautifully appointed Hacienda-style Belize beach resort nestled on 22 acres of the finest white sand beach in Placencia Belize.

Getting Work Done Through Others Management and Leadership for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

This conference prepares or enhances the first line supervisor’s ability to supervise subordinates. It introduces key management concepts and practices. Includes discussions about decision making, time management, leadership styles, personnel evaluations, and counseling guidelines.

Conference Objectives: To provide the student with…

• Information for the transition from worker to supervisor by presenting the skills and responsibilities required of the first level supervisors.

• A summary of how internal and external influences affect the supervisor and how to effectively deal with these influences.

• An overview of supervision, management, and leadership concepts, practices, and theories.

• A summary of the advantages, disadvantages, and effects of various recognized styles of leadership and leadership profiles.

•A summary of common emotional and behavioral characteristics of an individual or working group as it applies to the responsibility of subordinates and supervisors.

• An overview of basic supervisory, managerial, and leadership skills required in decision making, delegating, personnel motivation, communicating, time management, resource management, record keeping, team building, disciplinary functions, and dealing with change and stress.

• Examples of the following techniques used by supervisors in managing personnel: conducting interviews, counseling, controlling work activities, goal setting, evaluating, promoting affirmative action, and managing the work place environment.

• A summary of the effects, interpretation, implementation, and development of policies and procedures and the necessity for accuracy, clarity, and impartiality.

Getting Work Done Through Others Management and Leadership for Tourism And Hospitality Industry

Conference Content

• Orientation and Administration
• Introduction to Management and Supervision

• Principles of Organizations and Organizational Structure
• Motivation
• Delegation
• Problem Solving/Decision Making
• Verbal Communication
• Written Communication
• Group Dynamics
• Managing Conflict
• Performance Evaluations
• Coaching, Counseling, and
• Progressive Discipline
• Due Process
• Grievance Handling
• Internal and External Influences
• Elements of Management
• Managing Change

• Basic Views of Leadership
• Situational Leadership
• Leadership Qualities and Traits

Human Relations
• Managing the Workplace Environment
• Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity, and ADA
Safety and Wellness Programs
• Safety Management
• Stress Management and Wellness

Laws, Standards, and Liability
• Liability of the supervisor
• Course Review and Certification

Who Should Attend?

• Hospitality Management workers
• Tour guide Operators
• Hotel managers
• Tourism directors
• Mid-level and upper level supervisors
• Those who aspire to be supervisors

This will be a first come first serve registration with a maximum of 32 seats

For room registration contact Roberts Grove at: Tel: 501-523-3565, Toll Free: 800-565-9757

A 50% room discount will be offered for those attending this conference

For conference registration

For Master Card and Visa go to: www.firemanagementconsultant.com
Conference title: Management and Leadership for Tourism Belize

Contact Phillip Queen at 209-612-8832 or phill@firemanagementconsultant.com

Registration Deadline: Payment must be received by March 2nd 2014 a cancellation fee of $50 will be charged if canceled after deadline. No refunds two weeks prior to conference.

placencia belize resorts
Ocean view restaurant at Roberts Grove

Where is Robert’s Grove and how do I get there?

The Inn at Robert’s Grove is situated on the Placencia Peninsula, an 18-mile stretch of paradise that is just out from the mainland in southern Belize, where the best beaches in Belize are located.We are 100 miles south of Belize City and the International Airport; five miles from Placencia Village, and a half-mile from the village of Seine Bight. We are two miles from the Placencia airstrip.

where to go in belize
Map of Placencia marking Roberts Grove Resort
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Staff at Roberts Grove

If you would like to host this program contact us at: phill@firemanagementconsultant.com or 209-612-8832
Full color PDF format of this event also  available by request.

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Roberts Grove Placencia
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