Invest in Belize Real Estate

For the past 50 years Real Estate in Belize has consistently been on the rise. Belize is a great choice when it comes to purchasing property, but it’s a good idea purchase soon.

In 2013, Zogby Analytics surveyed 100,000 US citizens. They found that 11.6% (26,000,000 people) are seriously considering relocating or owning property outside of the US and 17.2% of those, (4,500,000) consider Latin America as their first choice. Something else to consider is that 10,000 Baby Boomers will retire every day until 2032.

A similar survey was conducted by TD Waterhouse in Canada: 45% say they will spend one month or more out of the country annually when they retire. There are 9.4 million baby boomers in Canada (4,230,000 potential owners and renters) Currently there are 5,000,000 US and Canadian citizens that live outside of their respective countries.

Why Buy Real Estate in Belize?

Latin America is very vast but when you come from an English speaking nation your choices to retire where the people speak the same (official) language, are few (mostly in the Caribbean Islands) and one is Belize.
Belize is the only English speaking country in Central and South America that is tax haven.

More Considerations for buying real estate in Belize:

  • Offshore center since 1989
  • Stable and democratic
  • Geographically close to the US and Canada
  • British Common Law system
  • Strict banking and client secrecy and confidentiality
  • No double-tax agreements with the US or Canada

Aside from all the statistics we’ve listed above, the country has a subtropical climate and the average temperature is around 80ºF (26ºC) all year long.

The Islands or Cayes (pronounced – “Key”) are surrounded by the beautiful, pristine Caribbean Sea and in some areas are within 1/4 of a mile (400 meters) from the largest live barrier reef in the northern hemisphere.  The mainland consists of coastal beaches, vast jungles and rivers.
So if you like the ruggedness of the jungles or the relaxing atmosphere of laying on the beach, consider buying a home in Belize.

Here are 4 very different styles of homes on the Island.

Real Estate Ambergris Caye
Colorful Caribbean Home
Casa Gonzo Belize
Well known and loved by many Casa Gonzo Belize
Escalante area house
Escalante area house
Mennonite house Belize
Pre-made Mennonite house