Belize News Exchange Magazine

News Exchange Belize Magazine

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to find out that Belize has its own magazine. Right off the bat, the front cover had me – colorful – realistic pretty model – made in Belize – Promoting everything Belizean – sold locally and internationally.

I was surprised that this issue was their one-year anniversary and I had not found a copy until now – the old saying better late than never holds true here.  Whether you want to play Kriol scrabble – look fab at work – practice Bush Medicine – or read something that reminds you of your favorite place to visit Belize –  News Exchange is the Magazine for you.

As I was flipping through – the Living Fit section caught my eye.  I am not into yoga so much though I have no doubts on the benefits and why it is preferred by many as their favorite exercise. So I was surprised that I was drawn to the article on Hatha Yoga.

What got me to stop and browse this article was good first few lines about the yoga journey of Ashanti Garcia also known as Airbender. Garcia was born and raised in San Ignacio and recently graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors’s Degree in Anthropology and a minor in Archaeology from Galen University in Indianapolis.  Her dream is to become a certified instructor and conduct Belize yoga retreats. Very interesting history – you go girl.
[Pictures and one on one conversation with Ashanti Airbender Garcia on yoga]

News Exchange Magazine is published every 3 months and available in Belize – Los Angeles and New York.

Belize shops that sell NE Magazine
Belize City at – all Brodies stores  – Save U – Venus Photos and Records
Belmopan at Daker’s book store – Ms. B Stationery – Print Belize LTD.
Roaring Creek – Garbutts Service Station
San Ignacio – Cahal Pech Gift Shop – Gitz Office Supplies
Placencia – D’Lab Unlocking Repairs
Orange walk – Escat’s Salon – Le Mars Emporium

Find out more content information and other available purchase locations on  News Exchange Magazine on facebook fan page.

Blue plastic Picture is part of my Belize recycling effort – for some reason gallery will not load in order. I was trying to figure out what to do with the pile up of empty coconut water containers from Healthy Belize.  I decided fill the containers with tap water and put them under the bathroom sinks as hurricane supplies for flush-able water. Maureen and I figure 2 containers would give you a flush when you need one and it saves some plastic from going to the dump.  The smaller container in front came from tacoboy shower soap and I recycled that to Maureen filled with Eucalyptus Dr Bronners soap concentrate – a great natural way to clean self and house.


12 thoughts on “News Exchange Belize Magazine

  1. Ashanti Garcia (Airbender) says:

    I love the nickname too Tacogirl! Thank you so much for the exposure and support! I’ve been trying to find you on facebook but I only came across your page. Can you kindly send me another friend request? Thanks!

  2. Lorenzo @belizepost says:

    Very nice review, Laurie! I do also believe that this magazine will blow up in the future. Not that I am comparing it with Playboy or Cosmo, but as soon as they convince their audience to buy regularly, the rest will be history.

  3. Ashanti Garcia (Airbender) says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I am so thankful and grateful that you appreciated the article I wrote on yoga. It was an honour to get the opportunity to share what I am very passionate about with others. I am always interested in connecting with others who are interested in yoga and even more so, those who practice yoga because I believe we can learn so much from each other. You can easily connect with me on facebook under the name Ashanti Garcia (Airbender). You can also visit my blog at I apologize beforehand if any of you may have sent a friend request previously and I did not accept it on facebook. I’ve had several bad experiences with social networking sites so it is not typical that I will accept anyone’s friend request. As a result, just kindly send me a message explaining why you’d like to connect and if it is related to yoga, I’ll definitely accept your friend request.

    Thank you and Namaste (Peace)


  4. tacogirl says:

    Maybe you could make contact with her on facebook or through one of the links I put in that post. That is great you are gettign certified. One of my friends in Toronto went through an intense certification and she really liked it.

  5. K.E. Yoga Peach says:

    I would really love to connect with Ashanti Garcia on her dream to become yoga certified! For my dream and hobby this summer I am enrolled in a 200 hour yoga alliance registered certification course and would love to share my experiences with her. K.E.

  6. al salter says:

    Yes that is true. I have an old toilet because I enjoy a decent flush (4 to 5 gpf) but if you have a new model especially the Stealth#N7716 you can get away with 0.8 gpf. This makes sense on San Pedro and so you should calculate how many blue bottles you need based on this data and how many people are in the home and whether they are constipated or not multiplied by the Category number of the hurricane,

  7. tacogirl says:

    That magazine is far from Feminist Al and the girls look great. I agree bigger containers would be more ideal but making use of what I was about to landfill also good. At this rate I will get 1/2 a flush a week saved ha ha. I read 1.6 gallons per flush for newer more efficient toilets, up to 4 or more gallons per flush for older toilets. I did not realize it was so much water every time we flush.

  8. al salter says:

    Needs Belikin type monthly centrefolds. Also features like the girls of San Pedro or Cayo. Then it will really take off. Sorry Laurie but feminism doesn’t sell.
    Also it takes 5 gal to flush so you are better off with 8 Crystal containers/hurricane, 3 for a tropical storm and 20 if you have dysentery.

  9. tacogirl says:

    I thought about that to Emily but was wondering how much reuse you can get out of them for cleanliness purposes. I do not have a big enough pot to boil it.

  10. Emily (@EmilySNC) says:

    Great idea on the blue plastic containers, Laurie! Another idea: I wonder if Zac would take one or two back and refill it for you if you labeled it with your name?

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