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Belize Forecast – Bikini Weather

If votes had been cast and decisions made based on today’s weather, Belize could have made the 10 Countries With Perfect Climates list. The weather in Belize is perfect, hot and sunny with a few fluffy clouds and no real wind.

When I got the email from my Helena Montana Weather man this morning telling me he was suffering -27 temperatures and wishing he was in San Pedro, I could not resist writing him back and mentioning the Belize weather forecast was bikini weather.

I decided to send him the photo collage below from a few recent stock pics and a promise to unchain myself from my desk for a break and go enjoy some sunshine and a cocktail in his honor. Plus, I wanted to snap a few more pictures for today’s post.

Belize weather is absolutely perfect today.
Beach just south of town, Coconut Curry Shrimp at Licks and Tues morning market.

Since my weatherman Brent and his girlfriend Lisa stay at Banana Beach I figured they would like this next collage, the “shopping zone” south of town. Including both fruit stands at either end of the strip, you can shop pretty decently in this area.

The weather in Belize brings blue skies with puffs of clouds.
Shopping area south of town with Super Buy South, Golf Cart Dealership, and the Baker.

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, make you want to move your dancing feet – Bob Marley; Great words from a great song. The sunshine totally made me want to move my feet this afternoon as I had a great walk. I was only planning to go as far as the gas station and as I got close, I decided to hit the beach and stop off for a drink at Sea Horse lounge. I am glad I did, I ran into a few friends who were there to take a painting class with Melody Wolfe. She had a great turn out and I’m not surprised, she has really worked hard at refining her art over the years and it definitely shows.

San Pedro Belize weather is lovely.
Beach and Melody teaching a painting class at Seahorse Lounge, Corona Del Mar.

3 thoughts on “Belize Forecast – Bikini Weather

  1. Claude Joly says:

    Hi just a quick question I trade stocks and the forex on line. I want to come for 3 months. I need a reliable Internet connection. Is the Internet ok in Belize? So I can trade in Belize? Tx. Claude

  2. Brent says:

    Love it:). Cannot wait for next visit… Shooting for!!!! Thanks for the Belizian cheer. It is three above now and 4 inches of beautiful new snow:)

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