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Calling all Eye Doctors for Help

I really wanted to get this post out earlier but due to being busy preparing for an important  business  dinner last night and a veggie shipment coming in at the same time [also happening at our house]  I was flat out to busy.

After the pool today Maureen and I went to Drop off John’s lunch at Grand Colony resort then came back here for a nice lunch. She brought a baguette – brie and smoked gouda  and I did a big salad and watermelon papaya smoothies with our super foods powder.

This next email came from Iraida who is fundraising for a great cause and one that is near and dear to her heart.
and the information below it from The Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI)  Please help spread the word and help 12 year old Rowan raise money for a great cause. P.s. anyone who is friends with eye doctors / surgeons anywhere please pass this information this their way. We need to find some large scale help for The Belize Council for the Visually Impaired rehabilitation program and I know it is out there somewhere.

Rowan Garel Victoria Peak Climb – inspiring  fundraising efforts of a blind 12 year old boy.

Hi Friends, Family and Colleagues:

My cousin Milagro’s son Rowan will not let his blindness prevent him from experiencing some of life’s thrills.  Instead he has chosen a way of helping other visually impaired children in Belize.  Rowan is taking on what might be an even greater challenge than his blindness.  He and his father Joe have begun training for a March 24th climb to the Victoria Peak.  The proceeds of this venture is to raise funds to support blind and visually impaired children throughout Belize.  This challenge will perhaps serve to remind those of us blessed with all five senses that there’s much more to see if we just open our hearts.

Please kindly donate to this worthy cause.  Write a cheque to BCVI, I will be happy to pick it up or you can send to the address below if you are donating from afar and mark Rowan Victoria Peak on cheque  so they know that the money is from Rowan’s efforts. Bank account info – Belize Bank 71096.  I thank you in advance.


March 1st, 2011
Belize Council for the Visually Impaired
PO Box 525
Princess Margaret Drive
Belize City, Belize

Visit us t bcvi,org and join our facebook fan page. Other methods of contact – phone 501.636.1130 E-mail

The Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI) has been working since 1981 to prevent and reduce blindness in Belize through its Comprehensive Eye Care program. Our work extends into providing blind and visually impaired children and adults with the educational support and skills needed to live independent and fulfilling lives.

Every year, we struggle to raise funds for our Rehabilitation Program, the area that provides the training for people who are irreversibly blind or visually impaired. Our Annual Summer Camps are the highlight for the children, and provide not only entertainment and field trips, but the crucial skills needed to meet their milestones and educational targets.

This year, one of BCVIs long-time students, 12-year-old Rowan Garel, who has been visually impaired for most of his life, will be climbing Victoria Peak to raise awareness and funds for the children of BCVI. Accompanied by his father Joe, an experienced climber, they will depart on March 24th for the 3-day hike.

Rowan and BCVI are asking for your support. We would greatly appreciate whatever assistance you can offer and are more than willing to provide you any additional information needed.

You can be a part of this extraordinary venture by following Rowan on his journey to the top of Victoria Peak.   Once again, thank you for your support and we look forward to hearing from you.

Carla Musa
Communications Officer

Thanks to Belize Magazine the source of my Victoria  Peak Picture. Follow the link to read about a 5 day journey to the top by Greg Harris.

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  1. Enga Santman says:

    Need assistance in finding a tutor for a blind 19 year old Belizean female. We come to the island frequently and know the Father . Since leaving her school after 8th grade, she does not get any support . We would like to help.

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