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Haunted and Hot the Halloween Celebrations Continue

It is not uncommon for some local businesses to host an annual event for a particular cause. This is the case with Wayo’s Haunted beach house. Every year they make a big party with a haunted house on the beach to raise money for a charity. This year the party spanned two evenings, although Thursday was pretty much a “dress rehearsal” and final set up.

I wanted to go to Wayo’s this year but was unable to get there. I even saw Lara on her way last night and she did a rolling stop to ask if I was going. I told her I had other plans and continued riding south to home. Unfortunately not long after I got home my plans were cancelled due to the other persons work issues surrounding a big upcoming wedding.

Seciond day of the 2 day affair I could not go as last night was Red Cross Crazy Canucks Trivia night, I was there to represent the San Pedro Branch. Thankfully Shirlee and George were planning to attend Wayo’s and she said they would get a few pics for me to help promote it.

It takes a village to make a Haunted house 😀 and they certainly had an army come to help thrill the island kids this year. Organizers were Brittney, Krista & Dee. The many volunteers included Charlie, Brian, Alex, Jake, Vic, Heather, Steve, Chef Jeff, Chas, Chris, Lisa, Ronnie, Hayden, Dave, Lara, Kaitlin, Eileen, Wayo, Carlos, Krista, Joy and Wade.

This year, Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES) began a new special needs class, a much needed program on the island so Dee said they decided that for the second annual Wayo’s Haunted House that all proceeds would go towards helping fund that initiative. A very great cause.

If you are doing your vacatin research and looking for a cool reasonably priced spot to stay close to town? Check outAQUAvista beachfront suites right next door to Wayo’s – both community-minded places get my vote (and many islanders).

Friday Night Think and Drink Trivia

Meanwhile down south Kendall and I were hanging in there at trivia until our team ringer showed up. Without Jack at the start, Kendall said my name choice “the winning team” was a bit presumptuous, but since it is Red Cross night I win either way 😀

Thankfully we did not score zero in the first round (historical geography) and that Jack showed up right at the end of round 2. He helped us get the one answer we did not know in the movie lines for a perfect score. Of course being Halloween trivia, round 3 and the bonus round were both themed topics. For the bonus (my fav part of trivia) it was all about naming as many scary characters in movies as we could in 2 minutes. Not as easy as it sounds – we got 22.

Both Kendall and I decided very last minute to wear costumes – we were the only ones. He came as 404 error costume not found written on a white t-shirt. I also went DIY with glitter foam to the rescue. I cut out golden yellow deeds stuck them on a red t-shirt and did a green leafy stem top – instant strawberry.

We did not win but had fun all the same. Last night brought San Pedro branch $120.25 between trivia team split pot and well known Crazy Canucks Bartender Kevin buying some Peppridge Farm brownies that Lisa brought for auction.

Crazy Canucks
Congrats to winning team New Kids on the Block
Think and drink tiebreaker challenge
Think and drink tiebreaker challenge

October is Still Hot Flash Weather

This week  has been ongoing hot flash weather and I am hoping it cools off a bit before tonight or it will be melting at the big Holiday Hotel Party. Funny how in my other life Halloween always brought fear of freezing with it.

Here are a few pics I took when I walked to town for errands today.

San Pedro Belize
Black dog on cart enjoying the view
San Pedro Belize
Delivery day
San Pedro Belize
Belizean HGTV a new thatched roof and covered parking
San Pedro Belize
South of town getting deliveries too

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