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Belize: A Great Destination – Explorer’s Guide

Belize: A Great Destination – Explorer’s Guide

Yesterday I got an email worth sharing from Tom Haushalter [see below] – The Countryman Press. It was all about the 2011 Belize Great Destination guidebook. This is particularly exciting news for me as is mentioned in  acknowledgments and online resources page 177 – thanks for the shout out Kate.

A Central American expert is putting Belize firmly on the map with the release of a new travel guide to this exciting Caribbean destination.

Kate Joynes-Burgess, based mainly in Mexico City, spent nearly a decade exploring and writing about this culturally eclectic part of the continent, discovering without a doubt that Belize offers much more that sensational scuba diving.

Lamanai Maya Ruin BelizeHer book, BELIZE: A GREAT DESTINATION (Countryman Press Explorer’s Guides; December 2010; $19.95) offers an unbiased, insider’s guide to both well-known and less well-known attractions, from the beauty of Belize’s Mayan ruins to its awesome natural reserves, from the forest-green mountains to the sapphire shores of the Caribbean Sea. Her research uncovers hip new hotspots in Ambergris Caye-the birthplace of Belizean tourism-and luxury lodges in the wilds of western Belize. For adventurous travelers, this book features all the best options in canoeing, caving, scuba, snorkeling, birding and big cat spotting.

According to the author, “Belize is bijou and it’s often treated as a footnote in guides to the region. My guidebook, exclusively dedicated to Belize, shows that the country offers big adventures.”

Carved head at Lamani Maya Ruin BelizeConversational, engaging, and full of unique insights, BELIZE: A GREAT DESTINATION is for the inquisitive, discerning traveler looking to tap into authentic Belizean life. With a primer on Belizean history and contemporary culture, along with an atypical tour of the country’s petite but pulsating former capital, Belize City, meander through Belize’s distinct districts, each with its own identity, natural beauty, and microclimate. Featured side-trips include jaunts to Guatemalan spots-Tikal, Livingston, and Rio Dulce-as well as Cancun and Chetumal in Mexico.

Kate Joynes-Burgess, already an established travel writer and photographer, has published a number of books and articles during her time working abroad. She was the chief contributor to Time Out’s first edition of Mexico City and the Best of Mexico. She has written widely for Travel + Leisure magazine, both in the United States and Mexico. Her lyrical article on Mexico’s copper canyon will shortly feature in the 2011 edition of Travel + Leisure’s book 100 Greatest Trips.

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More important travel news – The Belize Tourism Board is pleased to announce the official launch of a newly established Fort George Tourism Zone (FGTZ) in Belize City – Travel Video News.

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