San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Beach Brownie Derby

We got an invite from Changes in Latitudes girls to the Beach Brownie Derby – we walked down the beach to meet the crew for 4 pm. Teri, Terry and Steve were ready to jump – after seeing the fun, Paul decided to take a turn – rest of us cheered them on and stood at the end of the dock with our cameras and camcorders ready to catch the action.

Afterward we went to BYC and had Belikin, Panti ripa’s, and chocolate brownies.

Headless Barbie on sign



Heading to dock

Ready to roll

Secret handshake

Teri and Terry


Double header

Gaining speed


Getting Bike

Ride like the wins

Lift off

Steve popping a wheelie


Hoisting bike out of water

Nose dive


Paul takes the plunge

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