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Bacalar Chica

In Honor of the save Bacalar Chico efforts Zippy has created a new drink called the Bacalar Chica, so mix up a batch and raise your glass in celebration as it looks like we have been heard.

The Bacalar Chica

Half a large lime cut into pieces
2 tablespoon Ginger Simple Syrup, recipe below
2-ounce white rum

A few ounces ginger ale

Place the lime in a glass and muddle/smush with whatever you have. Add Ginger Simple Syrup, gingerale, rum, some ice and stir.

Ginger Syrup

1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
About 2 inches of ginger root cut into big chunks

Bring to a boil to let sugar melt. Cool.

More on the meeting later I am off to Holy Cross to make a haunted house.

The heritage of this nation is a sacred one and the people are strongly voicing their opinions in this matter. General consensus from both speakers and listeners was that Bacalar Chico should be left untouched. May individual supporters and well known groups world wide have also joined in the cause and sent emails letting the GOB know how they stand on this important issue. Belize is well known for its protected land status and we must keep it that way. We all want to see it in writing that none of our nature reserves will be de-reserved. It is not right to de-reserve any of this land and sell it to private investors and it will not be good for long term economics to do so.

Learn more about Bacalar Chico

Chatting before meeting

Big turn out

Media was there

Getting ready for meeting

Area Rep speaking

Melodie taking a picture

After meeting

How the people feel

Signing petitions to save Bacalar Chico

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