April 2018 Farmers Market Belize

Random Comments and Delicious Treats

tinder belize
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I love it when a random Facebook post ends up problem-solving on a totally unrelated topic.

This time it was via my tinder super likes star pic post that quickly got facked (tacogirl.com word #2 in Urban Dictionary). The post in question is also a good example of how all conversations generally revert to food sex or bodily functions… not necessarily in that order.

This one moved fast from getting busy because I had 3 super likes on tinder in 24 hours to no potential for “fun” and onto one of my other loves – food. More specifically the conversation turned to one of my favorite occasional shopping options – The Truck Stop Farmers Market. This led to not only salivating over the possibilities but also scoring a few ride offers.

In the end, I headed north with my friends Solar Steve and his wife Dayna. As we got close we could see it was packed with shoppers but we managed to find parking fairly quickly.

Aside from getting my shopping chores done, I had also made plans to meet several people. Market days are a great place to mix and mingle. I caught up with everyone on my list – Susan who I had talked about smoked meats with on FB, Joy who had offered me a ride, also Margaret and her husband who had muled a couple of things for me. I was also glad to see my longtime friend Leisa and meet the new girl living in their old condo at Grand Caribe. She and Cowboy now live at one of the new villas. We caught up at the brownie table.

I love spending money on my friend’s delectable treats. Since I was hosting a stuff swap on Sunday afternoon it was a great opportunity to get some party snacks from Juanece, Pirate Girl and Farmhouse Deli. For my personal treat, it was jerky time – honey sea salt from Lunchbox. Cindy if you are reading this more jerky, please.:)

After shopping, Steve and Dayna decided to eat lunch. Since it was a toasty day and I had been too busy for breakfast, I decided to have a deconstructed ice cream cone for brunch. In case you are wondering what that is, on really hot days I get my ice cream in a cup and have them add the waffle cone on top. Great way to avoid the drips – we saw a little girl who was a sticky mess instantly after they put the cone in her hand.

Farmers Market PIctures

April 2018 Farmers Market Belize
Packed parking.
April 2018 Farmers Market Belize
Shopping Fiesta.
April 2018 Farmers Market Belize
Farmhouse Deli Smoked Pastrami – yum.
April 2018 Farmers Market Belize
Environmentally friendly, cost less Really Good Soap – call or get a sample via The Lunchbox Facebook.
Farmers Market is the 3rd Sunday monthly – look for the Pirate Girl (hint blond bombshell in black)
Truck Stop Belize
Finished shopping with brunch – my deconstructed ice cream cone – honey cashew and sea salt caramel

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