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Benefits of Massage Therapy

When was the last time you got a massage?  If you had to pause to find an answer, there is a good chance you have gone too long without one. I was one of those people and am trying to change that and get body work done more often.

Scheduling massage therapy on a regular basis  has many health benefits:  stress relief, anxiety reduction, loosening tight muscles, pain management, injury recovery, builds healthy circulation, promotes better posture and more.

I noticed my shoulders were getting tight so I decided a follow up massage was in order since I got my last one from Ange at Banana Beach. I booked myself in for yesterday morning, this time I opted to go to her massage space as it is even closer to home.

While Ange was doing my intake write up she had me soaking in a nice bowl of peppermint and lime water. I told her what areas I was feeling tight in and she asked me what I was looking to get from the massage – I wanted relaxation, tension release and invigoration – tall order.

She started on my back rubbing the area in long, gentle strokes, to warm the tissue and stretch it out. I tend to hold tension in my the neck and shoulder region. I did not realize just how much till Ange started putting some elbow grease into untangling my knots.

I like that she did a lot of circular motion work and stretching my limbs to release tension in my muscles and allow them to move more freely. It was a direct compliment to the range of motion stretching I have been doing on my own.

No matter what your reason is for booking a massage, Ange will work to make sure you get the results you desire and you leave feeling lighter.

Ange’s Resume
– Trained at Monterey Institute of Touch in Carmel Valley California
– Certified Massage Therapist
– Modalities are Swedish, Esalen, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Polarity, and Aromatherapy.
– According to clients needs she gives a Therapeutic massage that incorporates the specialized modalities .
– Price for an Angel Touch massage is $60USD + $10USD for out calls for 1 hour  local pricing available during summer months.
– Contact cell#626-9527

tropical belize
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