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Flights between Mexico and Belize have become quite popular and Tropic Air has made it faster and easier to make that trip. They have even taken into consideration arrival times for European travelers. Tropic’s new Chetumal flight expands both local and international getaway options. For those looking for an old world experience, a vacation in Merida may satisfy your soul. Or maybe you want to lie on a white, sandy beach during the day and party at night in Cancun. You can receive a 10% Yucatan Travel Discount to any of these places on Tropic Air by clicking here.

Cancun Mexico

Cancun is a popular connecting city for many people on there way to Belize. It is also a destination spot for Belizeans on vacation. It is known for it’s all-inclusive resorts, white sandy beaches, SCUBA diving,  snorkeling, daytime poolside relaxation and night time party atmosphere. TripAdvisor has recently released their list of Best Value Hotels in Cancun – because who doesn’t like a good deal?

Chetumal Mexico

Chetumal has become a popular hub for those traveling to Belize and Tropic Air recently added some connecting flights to Belize City. They tailored their departures from Belize City to arrive in Chetumal to make most connections to Mexico City and beyond. Chetumal borders Belize, which allows for ground travel as well.

Although it is not considered a tourist site, many expats living in Belize travel there for shopping at a few of the US based chain stores like Walmart or Sam’s Club.  The top 2 rated value Hotels in Chetumal are Fiesta Inn and Los Cocos.

Merida Mexico

You may chose to pair up a trip to the picturesque town of Merida with your trip to Belize. There you will find an array of cultural activities such as museums, art galleries, outdoor music, dance performances in the park and even movie theaters.

Merida is another favorite among expats living in Belize for the shopping (add Costco to the list from above) and it is their preferred place to undergo complicated medical tests and surgeries not available in Belize. Here you can find Hotels in Merida.


yucatan travel

Merida Town Square by Ann Kuffner

yucatan travel

Outdoor Dance Performance by Ann Kuffner

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