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More Blog Press

Bloggers are often called upon to write guest posts or to provide a few sentences of information for another writers article. Below are a few places that I have been accepted and published. See all my magazine and guidebook press on About tacogirl page.


March 2016:  USA Today Travel – World’s best picnic spots: Travel bloggers’ picks. This was a fun piece to submit and was based on my write up The Cave Beyond Secret Beach, which is about a little-known underwater cave just beyond a favorite island picnic spot.


November 2015: Pink Pangea – Do you have a travel blog? Rachel Sales from Pink Pangea travel writing site critique: “tacogirl blog looks great and very valuable for travelers to Belize.” Pink Pangea would love to feature my experiences and they asked me to answer some questions which you can read by clicking through on the link above.

October 2015: Be a Freelance Blogger – Building a blogging business from nothing. 

October 2015: Len Penzo dot Com – How to Take the Vacation of a Lifetime Without Spending Your Life Savings. Since it’s inception in December 2008 Len Penzo dot Com blog has garnered almost 4 million unique visitors and nearly 8 million page views.

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