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Living in Belize

what a fun weekend


We had such a blast. TQ had to leave Sunday aft but we still had DCG bill becky and all our local friends to play with.

After breakfast at Estelles, we all hit BC’s, a while later Wet Willy’s to catch up with the gang that left BC’s early to go for dance classes, then off to town for taco’s and DandEs for frozen custard. Talk about an action packed day.

gang on the tacoshack veranda

dcg bill becky tq

breakfast at estelles

bill and becky

outside coconet

bc’s here we come

boob shot

chatting by the water

dcg and tl’s money shot ha ha

bill and tq

becky and local kids

bill with a local boy

lil red and the boys

sunday at bc’s

heat pads for tired muscles

look at the size of that bone

the girls with bill and their presents

future band groupie

niki and john

cute kids

driving to wet willys – carole dick dcg and tl went there for salsa dance class earlier

after dance classes

taco time

central park

dcg ordering up some stewed chicken

munching on tacos

hanging out in the park

dcg’s manicure

enjoying frozen custard

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  1. Anonymous May 13, 2007

    your boyfriend Paul is hot!

  2. Sun&sand May 12, 2007

    Looks like fun was had by all. Great pictures!

  3. Otteralum May 10, 2007

    I wanna be there. waaaaaaaaah!


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