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Future Expats Planning a Move to Belize

Move to Belize

I was email chatting this morning with guest post author Jon. He had agreed to share his and partner Eddie’s interesting long time journey and still winding their way to becoming Expats in Belize. This next bit I just read in his last email was very fitting as I have always believed thought and synchronicity play a huge part in ... Read More »

The Only Drama I Want in My Life is on TV

Ambergris Caye Belize

This post goes out as a wise bit of advice to everyone who came for a Belize vacation, fell in love with Ambergris Caye and started thinking about how they could move here. Ambergris is a colorful, funky island with friendly people. It is no surprise that people would instantly fall in love and want to relocate here. I did ... Read More »

Photographer Heals His Invisible Disability in Belize

Cockscomb Basin Nature Preserve Belize

If you ask anyone what their opinion on Belize healthcare is, most would likely start talking about doctors and various medical facilities in the country or lack of. There is a different aspect to consider, I have heard many say that the climate of Belize took away their pain and lessened symptoms in chronic ailments. I have also seen people reduce ... Read More »

“You’re Doing What?” by Rich Henry

beach cocktail

“You’re Doing What?” by Rich Henry Like many others out there, my wife and I have decided that it’s time to hit the road. Belize? Where exactly is that? Somewhere “down there”, one of those countries in the middle. After some research and talking to friends that have either been there (or now live there), we’ve decided that San Pedro ... Read More »

‘Build (me up buttercup’) in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

building a house in belize

Well, the first thing I want to ‘say’ is a BIG thank you to tacogirl  aka Laurie Norton for allowing me the opportunity of being her guest blogger. Platitudes out of the way I will now get on with my story! So where do I start? Well, I am British, retired and in my early 60s. My wife is Irish, ... Read More »

Test Drive the Ambergris Caye Lifestyle

Some of you might remember Ann Kuffner from aquafit posts and past link back(s) to her blog on my Celebrating Independence Day in Belize post. Ann is now going to be a long term part time guest poster specializing in Belize Real Estate information and how to best make your move to Ambergris Caye. Today she gives some good insight ... Read More »

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