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A Day With Birthday Boy

I just saw a 19 year old win a million dollars on a game show. Imagine how different any of our lives would be if that had happened to us? I wonder if I would have moved to Belize or would I have landed in a different Tropical location instead. I can say for sure it likely would not have ... Read More »

Giant Lobster Found in Pool at Grand Caribe Resort

  Sunday was a perfect day for my party, we decided to enjoy it to the fullest and head to Grand Caribe early even though my invite was for noon.  Cindy and I took charge of the packing, of course we ended up with a floaty toy convoy.  Nothing like driving through town with a bunch of blow ups strapped ... Read More »

San Pedro Sailing News

Don’t forget Friday night you are all invited to enjoy Charlies Birthday Party – Walter’s famous BBQ and Beans –  tons of bell ringing and there is a good chance of there will be cake. Definitely a party worth attending. Today’s Sailing News is brought to you by Forrest Jones, Press Officer, San Pedro Sailing Club. He has been doing ... Read More »

Caribbean Sunset Cruise

8:12 am – The other day Heather asked me to take a sunset picture for her after I was describing how cool it was a – big pinkish orange ball – by the time I grabbed my camera and went back out on the veranda the clouds had overtaken my view and I did not get the pic.  Little did ... Read More »

New Beginnings and Happy Endings

Yesterday was a day of New Beginnings and Happy endings.I will start with the happy ending first. Last week on the way to Dick and Carole’s place I found a drivers license at the end of one of the canals. After checking the online phone book when I got home and not finding a match I figured next step was ... Read More »

Flying tacos

It all started at our nuevo team meeting yesterday afternoon. Paul suggested we have it in the garden because it was one of those perfect hot sunny San Pedro days.  We were 3/4 when  when Cindy came home for lunch – not long after she came out and handed Paul a note. We all laughed when he passed it around ... Read More »

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