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You know you have been living in Belize a while when…

riverside belize

Belize Fun Facts – You know you have been living in Belize a while when you catch your self using the word like pirate as a search term while trying to find something in a gmail search. Today I wanted to post just one picture so I set off in search of an image that visually represents why I love ... Read More »

Exploring Caves Branch River in the early 80s

Today’s tacogirl blog guest post comes from Lucy Wallingford,  she has a unique story to tell as she has been involved with Belize since the 80’s and seen a lot of changes over the years.  You will be hearing more from Lucy in future guest posts. We first thought about running the Caves Branch River in the mid 1980’s. This ... Read More »

WordPress App for Android

Got an email from Lara asking if  I could blog that 15 tickets are still available for tonight’s aids awareness event and the 6th annual San Pedro Boat parade, I told her I would get done when I got home. Thanks to wordpress app for android phones, I am able to do the writing from Dicks house and I can ... Read More »

Abandoned and Shot now Loved and Protected

There is no doubt that Si was probably a very cute puppy. It’s easy to imagine a child playing with him and enjoying the wonderful bond that develops between puppies and children. What is not so easy to imagine is how such a sweet potlicker grew up, having been cared for by someone and then ended up abandoned and shot ... Read More »

Belize Time

I never did make it to the beach yesterday, soon as I got to Dick’s place to pick him up for a walk it started to rain so we hung out there instead. It is very chilly this morning, enough to be wearing a jacket in the house, I can see how a fireplace could be very handy here at ... Read More »

New whitewall tires

I made up my mind yesterday that I was going to get Dicks beach cruiser tire repaired, so I could ride it again. I texted Josiemar to see if he was able to fit me in. He replied quickly – anytime was good and to bring the bike over. So I wrapped up work and headed out the door on ... Read More »

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