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Tacogirl Belize Travel Coupon Codes

Over the years many people have enjoyed reading tacogirl blog and preparing for a new adventure or reminding them of a place and people they love. They have also had the pleasure of saving money on Tropic Air flights, (now Code For a Cause) accommodations, golf carts, and tours. After all who would not want to spend the extra on a few more tacos or Belikin beers?

Belize Transportation

Click through to the Belize Transportation page for more about each business listed below.

Belize Food and Shopping 

Click through to the Belize Food and Shopping page for more about each business listed below and to download the current coupon code page for all businesses.

Tacogirl Travel Coupon Code Customer Reviews

Thanks again for the flight discount – got our tickets back from the island for Jan 1, 2017 and saved $70 Belize Dollars in the process thanks to you. Much appreciated Laurie. Cheers – Bill

Thank you very much! You just saved me $116 BZD on my Belize flights! Paul Sugarman

Taco Math

At 3 for $1 BZD for basic local tacos, this means with their savings, Bill could have enjoyed about 210 chicken tacos and Paul could have had 348 tacos. Combined that is 558 tacos – enough for all your friends and then some 😀

travel coupon codes

Both people above got a huge savings – enough to buy a lot of tacos (9 on each plate)

travel coupon codes

And then some…….

travel coupon codes

That’s not all……. add 2 more plates, then you’ll have it.

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