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Sunday Beach Day

Going to do a beach day with Dick and enjoy a swim in the sea. tacoboy opting to stay in and watch football. I can’t wait to soak in saltwater – my own personal spa.

I have been busy this morning blogging Saga and in process of organizing our first live cam shout out. Christy Poppe  is in the final waiting stages to get on a plane for Belize. Coming to Ambergris Caye is a special occasion, it will be Christy’s first time out of the country.  I told Sue we should give her friend Christy a group Hello.  [along with my cousin,  Direct Abundance Heather and anyone who tunes in to our realtime live cam that day]

Today’s Belize webcam view – Clouds in the sky look like a water color painting and the barrier reef is coming in clear today. While working at my desk, saw tiny people walking on the dock, later on a kayak  docking and a speed boat going by. I leave cam open and flip back and forth between it and work. I am hoping to see dolphins on day, seen a few different birds fly by.

View Live stream on – Storm Chasers Belize Webcam – taco cam page.

I just caught kayak docking and a boat going by – hoping to see dolphins.

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