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Living in Belize

Stuff Swap


Last night we held second stuff swap at Pedro’s Sports Bar. There was a big turn out and people brought lot’s of cool stuff to swap. I got a coloring book to bring to the school and march issue of O magazine. Paul got a couple of shirts and a book. I am glad we did not leave with as much as we brought ha ha. Later on we had pizza half half garlic shrimp and bbq chicken it was so delicious. We got to meet some new people and see a few friends that we had not seen in a while who were in town for the weekend.

Congrats to the 6 door prize winners

Now I will have to start collecting for the next one.

Loads of great stuff to pick through

Stuff swap shopping

Enjoying the evening

Another happy stuff swapper

Found a great orange hat

Scored a door prize and a bottle of home made Kahlua that Jobelize brought

Trying on a hoodie

Mixing and mingling at the swap

More happy stuff swappers

Pam and Chris brought a lot of great stuff to swap (if anyone picked up Chris’s phone charger by accident please let me know)

Shannon and I
Beth and Julie – Julie picked one of the best door prizes

Steve’s pick from swap

This lovely item became the new sauce holder at Pedro’s, Poor Basil lost out on a new dish

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