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Living in Belize

still busy having fun


For all of you message boarders who are itching for more pictures here they are.

DCG is leaving today so we all went for breakfast at ruby’s. Afterward I took Bill and Becky to the school for a visit and drop off things they brought then we went for a drive north.

Afterward we went back to tacoshack to meet DCG and go to BC’s before she left.

Later that night Paul, Carole Bill and Becky and I went to Pedro’s, Dick met us there on his break. We all had a nice time, thanks treating us to pizza and drinks Bill and Becky. After Pedro’s we went to Road Kill for some live music.

ordering up some grub

enjoying johnny cakes

outside rubys

tole booth for bridge

bill and valdamir

bill playing

becky and jamie

bill enjoying visit to special ed classroom


palm tree shot to the north

lovely cart ride north

in front of the palapa bar

driving back to coconet in town to book fishing trip with dilzon

bill booking fishing trip for maya and himself outside the reef

bill and steve in front of the jager wall

hanging out with the gang at pedro’s

carole, paul and becky

bill and jd

becky and sharon

carole and dick

tacos and bill

walter and the girls

bill and puppy at roadkill

Dianne Wonderwoman and Bill dancing

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