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Quite sometime ago Beth had told me about Squidoo – I checked it out and it looked interesting but at the time I did not quite see how it was to fit into the bigger picture.

Recently Upstart blogger posted about the one eyed monster that can put links to your blog on the front page of Google and I realized I had found the missing link.

Now that I have signed up for Squidoo, I am working on my first lens and getting sidetracked by other interesting lenses like Funky Chic and Cool Laptop Bags and How to Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls.

I have to admit although I am enjoying Squidoo making my first lens seems a bit complicated as there are so many options once you get past the initial prompts. I have 1 h to sort it out before I need to get ready for aquafit class.

Oopsie in my hungry state of mind I hit post instead of save draft – more to come.

Yay I published my first Squidoo lens with 2 min to spare. Off to find food before I go to the pool. Figures as I am trying to make a break for it and leave my lap top, I just found link to Squidoo top 100 – there are some interesting lenses on there.

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  1. tacogirl September 17, 2008

    Thanks Richard that put a big smile on my day 🙂 Hope you are both doing well.

  2. tricky richard September 16, 2008

    Hey Laurie –

    Check this out… Your blog is worth $10,726.26 according to:



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