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by tacogirl
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I had the best intentions of getting to the big pool for aquafit this morning and got a bit derailed by work and chores. Since the next few days are super busy between Pedro’s all you can eat Lobsterfest event tonight,  One Love – 1 Barrel – Love Belize Grand opening Saturday and Lobsterfest 2011 block party I decided it makes more sense to do my pool therapy from home today. Soon as the dryer buzzer goes off and I sort sheets and towels – I am out of here and off to float with my ipod shuffle.

11;00am – Back in a bit.

11:30 – I got the oddest email today from a Dentist office  in Houston thinking my name is Julia and reminding me of my appointment today. I keep trying to walk away and I get just one more thing popping into my head that needs to be done before I get a break to clear my head.  I got as far as sunscreen and remembered I had to call Ina to order the balloons and email Cindy the details.

4:19- Pool was great glad I managed it. Just as I was trying to make a break for it when Dick and my cousin  simultaneously popped on me on the coconut phone.  Got to run and finish some writing before we have to go decorate Pedro’s for Lobster Lunacy at 5pm.

San Pedro Belize lobsterfest 2011

One Love - 1 Barrel - Love Belize - Travellers Rum

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