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Saga Costa Maya Reserved Tables


Make your reservations now. 1 table is left for Friday night and 5 tables for Saturday night.
Don’t you just hate it when you lose your great seat at Costa Maya 2011? Don’t you just hate it when you have to get up and trudge to the bar to get drinks? Well, now you can get a great seat, keep it and get service! Not only that – you’ll be helping raise money for SAGA. Be a VIP!!!!!

VIP Service — All beverages served to you all night by our lovely waiters! Watch the show while enjoying personalized service throughout the evening. Enjoy the nights events sitting together having your beverages personally delivered to your group all night !Get your friends & family together and share the fun..

Reserved a Table for (6)
Only (8) available per night
**Can purchase up to (2) additional chairs
per table at $10.00 BZ each

Reserve your table in advance
$80 — Thursday — 8:00 p.m. — 12:00 a.m.
$90 — Friday — 8:00 p.m. — 1:00a.m.
$120 — Saturday — 8:00 p.m. — 2:00 a.m.
*Entrance fee separate
To Reserve your table, call Lori Purdy at 675-5185 Oh Danny Boy Realty
Katia Marin at 610-0992 Pampered Paws

Costa Maya 2011

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