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Living in Belize

Reef Party


Went to BC’S beach bar to meet kyjeff Jenn and their crew. From there we all walked down to the reef party which was at Mar De Tumbo (near Banyan Bay area) It was a great party, saw lots of friends there, had a bite to eat and some drinks.

Afterward Paul Carole and I did a pop in on Maya and Colette as we are not always so far south so I figured we had to stop and say hi. Colette was into joining us for the exorcism that was going to happen at Pedro’s Sports Bar. Yup you read right.

Found out about it Saturday night that 3 church groups were going to go there and do an exorcism on his place. (It is good to keep in mind that we take everything with a grain of salt around here.) So off we all went loaded up in their 4 wheeler. When we arrived there were a few people across the road sitting in carts. Not much became of it and there was only a slight bit of protesting happening by some women on a cart when Colette brought Rudy a beer. Other than that it was all really quite un-eventful. We stopped at tropic air hanger on the way home and dropped some pizza to Carole’s hubby Dick. He got caught up at work and could not join us.

Sand castle competition

great party

Can’t beat $5 mohitos from Casa Picasso – their bbq was great too and all for a good cause helping a family in DFC who needs it

Enjoying the reef party

Our friend Paul’s parents – they leave today after 3 weeks visit

Golf carts are great

So may carts – so many people

Golf cart parking lot

Napping during the party – all played out

On the way to the exorcism at Pedro’s

4 of us hitched a ride on our friends 4 wheeler – Lucky Paul got to go in the basket

Jonathon was ready to film but nothing happened

A few people across the road – not much of an exorcism or protest for that matter

Classic Pedro humor

Waiting for something to happen

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