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Living in Belize

Pimp our Shrimp BBQ


Yesterday Dick Carole Paul and I went to Maya and Colette’s “Pimp our Shrimp” bbq. What a perfect afternoon. Had a great time chatting with everyone, eating fab food and taking a dip in the sea. Learned something very valuable from Maya today… always soak both ends of bamboo skewers for about an hour before making kabobs that way the wood will not burn or split while on bbq.

On our way to the bbq

We have arrived

Royal Palms

Who knew the latest Gatorade flavor is coconut rum and pineapple

I got hit with “While you are up” by the 2 Pauls

Handing over coconut rum drinks

Yummy food enjoyed by a cute single San Pedro boy on his golf cart

Enjoying some rum

Balcony shot

MMMMM banana’s with chocolate on the bbq

Golf carts make great extra seating

Great day for bbq

Glad to be on Maya and Colette’s invite list

Someone loves coconut

Fabulous day

Party went on after the sun set

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