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Living in Belize

St Pattys Day Party


Spent the morning hunting down for decorations for tonight. I was so surprised that Caye Supplies did not have anything for the occasion – not even a pack of green balloons. Luckily Candle Garden – Ritchie’s Stationary and San Pedrano saved the day. Thinking I may have to hire a few shoppers to stock up after the holidays  when the sales are on and rebuild my party box.

We went with Lara to the St Patty’s Day Party – Matt – Sara and Mama B met us there. The Irish stew was tasty. Party was super busy – met some of an interesting group doing teacher training that are staying at Pedro’s.

San Pedro Weather – Chilly Willy – looks like a bit of a cold front headed our way.


  1. tacogirl March 18, 2010

    I remember the old days too lol Things change and we change. I no longer have the same stamina I used to back in the day when we used to leave the house around 11pm or so and return after the sun was up..
    I have the Riverside on my list hear the burgers are great. Love all kinds of food including local food – miss China Town in Toronto.
    I just like to hang with good people and stay away from politics ha ha.
    Yes Paul not always happy with the idea of me going over by myself cause of the violence issue.

    I was not there to see them give away the giant check Mystery – meant to get a pic of it but it got moved somewhere before I did. Post on Pedro’s board and maybe he can answer that one.

  2. mysteryboy March 18, 2010

    who won the $1,000,000 ???

  3. Remo March 18, 2010

    What I do for fun? That is a good question indeed. Since I came back to Belize in 2005 all my friends I knew before I left either died, left the Country or are married with kids. Its not like the old days when I would just call them up and party all night long.

    I hate going out by myself and I can’t really relate to the younger crowd if you know what I mean:(

    Since, I am dating one of Mr. Beto’s daughter I try to go to San Pedro as often as I can. Or she would come to the City on some weekends.

    If I do go out I either hang out at the Riverside tavern or the princess casino or the BTL park in the Newton Barracks area (I live really close to the BTL park in the kings Park area).

    Its a completely different scene here and you won’t be hanging out with tons of ex pats or tourists like in San Pedro (not sure if that is an issue?)

    As for the food? Well, Riverside tavern has some good food at a price of course. Belize City CANNOT compare to San Pedro in the food department. Then again, it depends on the type of food you like? Good ole fashioned Creole food? If so, we have tons of good cheap places that cater towards that.

    I don’t think you are missing much by not going to Belize City and besides the violence is getting worse down here:(

    feel free to ask me more questions if need be……


  4. tacogirl March 18, 2010

    I can just imagine St Patty’s day in Halifax Remo – must have been fun. What do you do for fun in Belize City? Just curious as you said it is boring compared to here. I always enjoy walking around there but never done overnight in BC yet. Would like to get back there for a day trip soon though – keep meaning to check out food and beverage.

  5. Remo March 18, 2010

    We don’t celebrate St. Patty’s day here in the city (yeah, its like another world here compared to San Pedro) for the most part but those pics sure brought back some fond memories for me.

    I use to date a Half Irish/Scots lady in Halifax and we had some damn good times on St. Patty’s day:) I miss the green beer as well….haha!

    Halifax has like a zillion bars and pubs along the waterfront and a group of us use to go pub crawling every St. Patty’s day.

    Belize City is pretty boring compared to San Pedro if you ask me.

    Glad you all had fun.



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