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My Saturday


Started off the day meeting Jonathan for a lovely breakfast at Estelle’s on the beach. While chatting, we saw Sterling walking along the beach which was a big help to plan this weeks meeting. Afterward we walked up to Wet Willy’s to confirm meeting time was ok for the Faces of the Future benefit. Then off to Island Perk and who do we run into Adam the one who started the benefit idea. Got to love it do not even need to use a phone here if you time things right. Paul was not long to turn up. So we chatted and brainstormed. Coleen gave us some great ideas too.

After being home a bit I told Paul we should really go see if we can find Diane and Greg to touch base about taking them to the school. Who knew such a simple thing would become a whole evening adventure. (not uncommon here) We went to their place and saw all the cool things they brought for the school. They also brought us big jars of jiff extra crunchy (peanut butter is outrageously priced here) and a box of cd’s.

Their long time friends who are visiting here too came by and we all headed to BC’s beach bar for a drink. While there another couple turned up and Diane invited is to join them all for dinner at Caramba. What a yummy meal, They cooked the fish that Greg and David had just caught. Afterward a few got some frozen custard at Dandies and we all headed off to crazy Canucks to catch The Usual Suspects play. Wow what a great day.

Estelle’s – great food, music and a fabulous view

Our table at Caramba was great – food fantastic – talk about road side lol

Some had Dandies frozen custard for treat afterwards

Golf Cart races to Crazy Canucks

Greg Diane and Sherry

Band was great as always

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