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Living in Belize

Holy Cross Visit


Went to Holy Cross Anglican school yesterday with Diane and Greg so they could take the tour and drop off supplies they brought. I really do encourage anyone who is bringing supplies down for the kids and has time to come to the school to do so. It is really a good thing to meet the kids, and they are always so happy when people come to visit. They all call out in unison good morning visitors welcome to standard 1 or which ever class it is.

Kids just love posing for pictures – I would love to start a camera club there

Photographing our way out the door is a common thing – a minute ago these kids were sitting in their seats doing lessons

Happy to be at school

Puzzle time

Special ed kids love doing puzzles

Diane and Greg brought the coolest stuff for the kids

Kids love visitors

School nurse (not paid for by government) back with a bunch prescriptions needing to be filled – She took sick kids in a taxi to the poly clinic that morning

This is what 5 loads of sand looks like – it will take about 200 to fill under the school

This is the official entry way to the school

Bridge for main entry way is over a 20 foot sink hole

Yay more sand

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